Starbucks’ Candy-Colored Dragon Drink Takes Flight

If you’re a fan of the pink drink at Starbucks, buckle up, because there’s a new sweet treat in town. There’s a few things in life that are made for Instagram, square snapshots that seem truly at home nestled into your feed – avocado toast, charcoal ice cream, colorful stacks of pancakes. You know, stuff you order at a restaurant that requires you to snap a couple shots while everyone else in your party pleads “Can we please just eat it already?”

Consider the new dragon drink from Starbucks a new addition to the pic-worthy list. The beverage is a creamy twist on the dragonfruit refresher, with a splash of coconut milk added to the summery mix. Just like the pink drink is a milky remix of the strawberry acai refresher. The dragon drink includes chunky freeze-dried dragonfruit pieces to add some fruity authenticity. A grande clocks in at 45-55 mg of caffeine, so don’t rely on it for your morning caffeine buzz, but don’t necessarily have it right before bed either, you know what I’m sayin?

The drink’s been getting an extra amount of buzz due to a hilarious error that eagle-eyed Game of Thrones fans spotted during Sunday night’s episode: an out-of-place Starbucks cup  perched on a table in one scene. It wasn’t the dragon drink Daenerys was allegedly sipping on, but Starbucks seized the opportunity to masterfully poke fun at the mistake.

Now when it comes to drinks, I’m a whole-milk girl all the way. I’ve gotten on the almond milk train when it comes to cereal, but I just can’t give up the creamy goodness that comes with good old-fashioned whole milk mixed with espresso. But the dragon drink has me loving coconut milk! I don’t think I’ll be opting for coconut milk with my lattes anytime soon, but in fruity stuff like the dragon drink, I can definitely get behind it as a refreshing dairy substitute for summer.

Perhaps the most fun (and Instagrammable) aspect of the dragon drink is its chameleon properties. The beverage will slowly change its hue, morphing from a bubblegum pink when the barista first hands it to you to a rich purple as the dragonfruit gradually makes its way into the coconut milk.

Starbucks Dragon DrinkLeft: Minutes after getting the dragon drink. Right: About an hour after getting the dragon drink

Rest assured the drink isn’t just a must-have for its aesthetic. Upon the first sip, I exclaimed to the barista “It tastes exactly like candy!” (Note: She and I had been talking about the drink after I told her it was my first time trying it; I didn’t just scream my verdict at her from over the bar.) Its rich fruity taste reminded me of a pink Starburst but in luscious, drinkable form.

I tend to avoid the fruity drinks at Starbucks, opting for espresso over the teas or refreshers; I feel like if I’m cashing in some hard-earned dollars for a beverage out, choosing coffee over something fruity seems like getting more bang for your buck. But I love the Starbucks Dragon Drink so much I got it twice in one week. I’ll definitely be forgoing my regular lattes every once in awhile for the dragon drink, which I can see becoming a major summer staple.

So run, don’t walk to try the new dragon drink at Starbucks. You won’t regret it! And snap some pics while you’re at it.

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