This is Why Stranger Things is Everything

For some unknown reason I’d resisted diving into the world of Stranger Things this summer. Maybe it’s my aversion to dark and creepy, or what I perceive as the big deal of the moment, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. So good. So so good.

Stranger Things has just enough nostalgia to appeal to many generations without pandering to the obvious. Set in the 80’s, there are moments where you catch the nod to the Goonies adventures, some Sixteen Candles worthy stereotypical social dynamics, a little Stand By Me coming of age disillusionment. All film elements that seem to have fallen by the wayside for big budget post-apocalyptic nonsense lately. Throw in Winona Ryder and I’m telling you, fantastic.

Stranger Things

There is something so refreshing about a series that doesn’t pander to “pretty people tv” with predictable storylines, easily digestible, but leaving you disappointed with yourself for having wasted your time (not unlike eating pancakes…). With Stranger Things, the cast is at once relatable, charismatic, and effortless in their appeal. You want to know them, see yourself in them.

Invest your time, the return on the investment pays off ten-fold. You’ll never look at Christmas lights the same again. And just in case you love the soundtrack as much as I did, it’s included below. I got you.

Images via The Verge.