Tessa Thompson Still Loves Goats

Tessa Thompson

You might not know it, but chances are Tessa Thompson has graced your screen in the past few months. In the last year alone, Thompson has starred in Annihilation, Thor: Ragnarok, and most recently Boots Riley’s critically acclaimed indie Sorry to Bother You. She also appears on Westworld as Charlotte Hale. Thompson could easily be described as a G.O.A.T., but in this case, the comparison is much more literal.

Back in March, a Twitter meme was born comparing pictures of the actress in various TV, film, and red carpet appearances to pictures of goats. The internet was fully on board, including Thompson herself, who retweeted the picture, saying “bless the human who did this.” Thus, the Tessa as Goats meme was born, along with the @tessasgoats Twitter account that to this day continues to feed the frenzy.

In an interview with ShortList, Thompson revealed her love of goats, saying that she wants to adopt a pygmy goat and name it “Gal Dagoat, because Wonder Woman rocks.” In the meantime, the internet has served up plenty of comparisons between the actress and the animal, namely Tessa as Goats, the account that tweets out a new picture of Thompson as a goat every day.

Girl power or goat power?

“I didn’t even expect Tessa to notice it or that I’d keep it up, but I feel like I have a responsibility now,” said Danni, who runs the account that since March, has amassed a following of more than thirteen thousand. “I don’t know what possessed me to make the account in March. Sleep deprivation? Boredom? But it just popped into my head.”

Cool Shades

Danni, who’s from the UK, says she finds pictures of the actress first, often from a photo shoot, and then finds a picture of a goat to match. “I’ll try to find something distinctive in the picture, something that I can go off. Other times, Tessa will attend an event that day meaning there are new pictures of her and if the outfit is distinctive enough I can work with that.”

Polka Dots For Days

The account is by no means an insult to Thompson, who Danni says she became a fan of first through Marvel. By Thompson’s enthusiastic reaction and support of the account, she is clearly not offended. Followers of @tessaasgoats include Thompson herself, and singer Janelle Monae.

Running Errands

Danni has no plans to change the direction of the account anytime soon. Just to keep posting more of what the people want, which apparently is pictures of Thompson being compared to goats. All with the ardent support of the actress herself. “I’m glad she likes it,” Danni said. “She could’ve been completely weirded out by it so that’s a bonus.”

Cover image via @Grace66728043 on Twitter.