Top 10 Must Know Apps You Are Missing Out On

top 10 must know apps

As a society, we are programmed to be addicted to our phones. Although some may be attached more so than others, this is the indisputable reality. However, people love the idea of being able to connect/network with one another, so let’s embrace what we have to work with, keeping it positive and hopefully productive. 

According to Business of Apps, there are over five billion mobile users in the world and out of those billions of people, 500 million visits the app store weekly. As of the first quarter of 2019, the app users could choose to download between 2.6 million Android and 2.2 million iOS apps.

It is because of the rapid growth, I wanted to discuss the top 10 must know apps that you could potentially be missing out on. Hopefully, there is a new social media platform that you can start using today.


 1. Letterboxd

top 10 must know apps

Movie enthusiast? Then this app is perfect for you. This app allows you to create a list of movies you have seen and movies you want to see based on genre. Also, you are able to follow your friends’ movie lists and share on other social media platforms such as Twitter. It’s a good way to see what movies you are missing out on, not to mention, a fun and unique way to bond with your friends.


   2. WeHeartIt

top 10 must know apps

If Pinterest and Tumblr had a baby, it would be WeHeartIt. Not only are you able to organize the aesthetically pleasing images based on your life but there is also an option to read articles based on what you like. From beauty to study tips, WeHeartIt is more than just a way to organize images. It allows you to explore your interests through thoughtful and intriguing articles. Check out ours. 


3. Splitwise

top 10 must know apps

Ever get annoyed having to split the check every time you are out eating with a huge group? Or you are on vacation with others and you have no idea how to equally pay for certain necessities? Splitwise is an app that allows you to put in what you paid and then it splits it in a number of ways. This not only helps reduce financial conflict but by the end of an event, each person can see how much they owe to others for their specific purchases. It’s super easy and efficient!


4. SmartGym

top 10 must know apps

This is a free and easy way to keep track of your workouts and set a clear routine. There is also an option to explore other types of workouts. More often than not, workouts are forgotten; with this app, it will help remind you what you previously did. If you wish to further your fitness experience, with the premium version of the app you can work with a personal trainer who will provide workout routines for you. It really is a gym on the go, at the tip of your fingers.  

5. Bandsintown 

Love attending concerts? Bandsintown allows you to connect your Spotify or music library to see if certain bands or artists are going on tour near you. If you are traveling, you are still able to connect your music to see if your favorite artist is in a town near you. Also, it gives you various options such as going or interested to further keep track of specific concerts you wish to attend. It really allows you to organize which artists you want to see.

6. Calm


Everyone has those days that is super overwhelming and stressful. Calm allows you to unwind and relax. It provides quick meditation or breathing exercises to reduce all traces of anxiety. Each session is tailored to a specific need and an instructor walks you through. When you are done you feel more energized and ready to take on whatever was causing you to feel stress. 

7. Huji

The ’70s and 80’s looks are found everywhere today. From fashion to photography, the decades have made their mark. Disposable cameras and polaroids have crept their way back into daily life and Huji has this trend covered. The app provides a retro, disposable camera filter over your photos. It’s a simplistic camera app and just by tapping the screen, that looks oddly similar to a disposable camera, a grainy photo with light streaks and a date stamp pops up. The perfect way to have a disposable camera at the tip of your fingers without the need to send it off for film development. 

8. Preview

Instagram, these days, has become more of a blog. Most people find themselves creating picture-perfect layouts with a specific theme. Preview allows you to upload your images and view them together to see what they could potentially look like. It also tracks the viewers and allows you to create “carousels” or folders for your images to better organize your Insta pics. It’s an awesome way to plan out your feed and track your viewers. 

9. Eventbrite

Want to see what cool and unique events are happening in a city near you? Eventbrite has you covered. From Margarita 5k runs to music festivals, Eventbrite has a diverse selection of events to look at. It’s simple and easy, everything you need to attend an event in a single app. It provides a way to purchase tickets as well as a recommendation section.


10. StoryArt

Instagram stories have become a key factor in Instagramming. It is an easy way to remain engaged with your audience. With that being said, StoryArt provides cute and chic templates specific for Instagram stories. Be the one that stands out in the billions of users.

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