Jackie Evancho Performs at The Inauguration Despite the Haters

Jackie Evancho

She has gone from being America’s most talented ten year old, to one of America’s most controversial teens. Sixteen-year old starlet, Jackie Evancho will be performing the National Anthem for President-Elect Donald Trump’s 45th Presidential Inaugural Day Ceremony, despite having faced unexpected backlash from audiences of all ages.

America’s Got Talent to Billboard Classical Charts

In 2010, Evancho was selected as a contestant for the fifth season of America’s Got Talent. Pretty in pink with a smile that literally made the audience squeal, Evancho has been cited as an “angel” by numerous critics. However, even back 2010, Evancho managed to stir up some controversy. Many viewers, shocked by the precocious ten year old’s performance, called for proof that she wasn’t lip syncing. This prompted the show’s host, Nick Cannon, to have Evancho perform vocal exercises off the cuff, proving her voice to be genuine. Bold move Nick.

Jackie Evancho

Fast forward to 2016, and Evancho has achieved substantial success. Although not considered to be a household name, five out of the six studio albums Evancho has recorded since appearing on America’s Got Talent have peaked at number one on the “Billboard Classical Charts”, making her the youngest artist to ever record a platinum record. Evancho has also garnered major performance opportunities, singing at events like President Obama’s Lighting of the National Christmas Tree and National Prayer Breakfast as well as headlining at venues such as Carnegie Hall.

Trump’s Inauguration, Family & Some Haters

Just weeks ago, the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee announced its selection of Jackie Evancho as their pick for performing the National Anthem. This was immediately received with unexpected backlash, many flocking to Evancho’s social media pages to criticize her “support” of President-Elect, Donald Trump. Many pleaded for a change of heart, citing Evancho’s transgender sister, Juliet, as somebody “Trump will not support during his administration.”

Throughout this frenzy of unwanted attention, Evancho has stayed strong.

Throughout this frenzy of unwanted attention, Evancho has stayed strong. In a recent interview, she told People Magazine, “My family is kind of a big target. I have a transgender sister and so a lot of hate goes towards us.” Evancho however, and her family aren’t concerned. “Sometimes we get really annoyed with the hate, everyone does, we have to admit it but we just ignore it.”

Despite the controversy, this major surge in publicity has created a huge boom in Evancho’s career. Gaining support from thousands across the U.S., Evancho’s latest Christmas album, “Someday at Christmas” has quadrupled the album’s sales, soaring it to #1 on the Billboard charts. Whether this can be attributed to her latest booking, magnificent voice, or contagiously positive attitude about the future, one thing is for sure; Evancho has big things on the horizon, and all of America is going to be along for the ride.

Images via Jackie Evancho.