The Ultimate Halloween Movie List

Ultimate Halloween Movies

The time is finally here. It’s October, and that means to start watching all the Halloween movies we’ve been craving. There are oldies that we grew up watching and then there are new juicy ones that we just can’t wait to watch. Let’s get to the list shall we?

Hocus Pocus 

I put a spell on you, and now you’re mine. We all have seen this classic, and each time we watch it, it makes us want to go back in time to the 90’s. Directed by Kenny Ortega, it’s more of a comedy than a horror movie. But it makes you want to get into the Halloween spirit with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker.

ultimate halloween movie

Halloweentown (All 4 Movies)

Another Disney classic where Marnie Cromwell will get you into the Halloween mood in no time. With witches, goblins, and more, you won’t get bored. Watch all four for more Halloween goodness.

Amityville Horror

We all know the story behind this movie, and if you don’t, then the movie does good job in explaining while also scaring you. Ryan Reynolds gives a great performance as the patriarch of the Lutz family, who becomes haunted by paranormal activity in their new home. Definitely one that will give you nightmares.

ultimate halloween movie

Scream (All Four Movies)

(Scream voice) Do you want to play a game? Another classic, but guilty pleasure. Follow the story of Sidney Prescott as she deals with the masked killer who killed her mother. It will keep you on the edge of your seat with all that blood and gore.


Blair Witch Project

If you like that old running in the woods while something chases you kind of vibe, then this is for you. Three documentary student hit the Maryland woods to explore the tale of the “Blair Witch”. It will give you the creeps and you may not want to go camping anytime soon.

The Conjuring (First and Second One)

This was a huge hit when it first got released and depicts the cases covered by Ed and Lorraine Warren. They were famous paranormal investigators and helped many people. They are both equally scary and make good movie watches for Halloween night!


The ultimate classic. Jamie Lee Curtis plays the babysitter who is being stalked by masked killer Jason. The fact that it takes place on Halloween night, makes it even more creepily relatable.

ultimate halloween movie

The Ring (First and Second)

This series is probably one of the scariest I’ve seen. Everything is creepy and you will most likely be hiding behind a pillow throughout the movies. Definitely will give you a good scare.

The Exorcist 

This movie started the whole demon possession creepiness back in the 70’s. It will be one of the movies that will keep you up at night but it will be worth it to watch on Halloween night to get your daily dose of scary movies.

So sit back and let the binging begin! Make sure to add you own favorites into the mix, as there are many more guilty pleasures out there.

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