5 Ways To Shake Up and Upgrade Your Workspace

Your surroundings can greatly affect your health and productivity. Making a few of the changes below are sure to help you feel better while working and accomplish more than ever before. Abby has shared her tips on planners. Jane has hers on StudyBlr and creative note taking. Combine all of these and you’re sure to have a productive, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable workspace to dominate this school year.

A Comfortable Chair

A good chair is key to a good workspace. Your chair should be cushioned, with arm rests to support your hands and improve your posture. A chair with wheels and swivel features allows for movement and flexibility while sitting and gives you the chance to stretch if necessary. Adjustable features like seat height also allow you to customize your chair to fit your preferences.

Natural Light

Having a window near to or just in the same room as your workspace can improve your environment by a great margin. Natural views tend to reduce stress, improve mood and morale, decrease anxiety, and aid concentration. If being near a natural source of light is impossible, you can get light bulbs that mimic sun light at appliance stores like Home Depot or Lowes.

Indoor Plants

Greenery, surprisingly can help us keep focused and increase your attention span. Having a plant at your desk could give you a productivity boost of up to 15% (results of a study by Exeter University). Low-maintenance indoor plants to consider buying include cacti, peace lilies, and aloe vera, or you could choose from a variety of different succulents that can be bought from your local appliance store.

Background Noise

Studies prove that ambient noise can help improve creativity. Websites like https://www.noisli.com/ or https://hipstersound.com/ provide great auditory imagery. If these don’t work for you try looking up your favorite noises on YouTube. There are many a channel dedicated to uploading sound bites of every calming sound you can think of, from water running through bamboo pipes to interstellar “alpha wave” music.

A Clean Desk

First rule to a clean desk: keep your personal items to a minimum. Limit your pictures and toys to just two or three because a decluttered desk allows for least distraction while working. Put away any cables and wires, or find a way to keep them all together rather than scattered all over your desktop. Take the time to clean your desk every morning as it gives you the chance to wake up with a fresh start. Make sure you have a workflow to your desk. Personally, I like to keep unfinished papers to the left of where I am situated and finished ones to the right to keep track of what things are pending.

What really matters the most is that your workspace is specific to you, your habits, and your tastes. Whether or not you follow the tips above, the most important thing is to put your projects in a place that allows you to relax and think clearly.

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