Ways to Spruce Up Your Place When You Rent

Finding ways to spruce up your place, and make it feel like your own can be rather difficult when you rent, or live on campus. Especially when you have specific rules that you have to follow while you do live there.

Since I have rented, (and am currently renting) I have figured out some tips and tricks one could apply, without causing interference’s with the place you currently occupy. Here are some unique ways that may help you, as it helped me, when it comes to decorating.

[amazon_textlink asin=’B076CXSFXH’ text=’Removable wallpaper’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’metizamagaz04-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’b1e52ed0-314f-47ac-8aac-89fe4562a32a’]

Is like wallpaper, but much more convenient! Compared to the glue and the damage actual wallpaper can cause, this one is safer because it’s removable. It’s like a big beautiful sticker that you can put on your walls, to give it a little oomph.

When I first heard that this was a thing, I went into a frenzy. Although it can become a bit pricey, being able to at least have the option to pick from a wide variety of unique designs, that can be taken down hassle free, is so useful!

Removable wallpaper allowed me to decorate my daughters nursery how I wanted to while I was renting. Which made it a lot more personal for me. I can’t tell you how upset I became when my landlord said I wasn’t allowed to paint my first child’s nursery. So when I came across this, it really allowed me to feel better about the situation at hand. Plus, it’s a very handy little tool to have. If you do go this route, make sure you are certain it is the peel and stick, removable wallpaper!

[amazon_textlink asin=’B013GACQ98′ text=’Canvas’s Paintings’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’metizamagaz04-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4947cc00-0651-48e7-bfb6-45876652b1d6′]

If you haven’t heard of these yet, your welcome. Canvas paintings are a unique way to bring art and beauty to your potentially “dull” colorless walls. Another really cool tip, you can combine multiple together (side by side) to make it into an even bigger, more beautiful picture. These can spruce up the place, and really bring forth a sense of “creativity” that you wouldn’t find otherwise.

Also, if you’re really artsy (like myself) you can even make your own. Buy a blank canvas, and go to town!

DIY Decorations

Making your own decorations are a fun activity for you to do in your free time with some friends, or even with your family. DIY decorations are more affordable, and truly make the space you are occupying look and feel like your own.

There is an obnoxious amount of ideas on Pinterest, (or on a basic google search), that can help spark that creative imagination you have inside. From using jars with necklaces, to getting creative with sand and shells. Creating your own decorations couldn’t be much better than that.



If you’re a fan of being in nature, or simply like the beauty it brings, plants are definitely something you would enjoy. Did you know that plants can bring forth an array of health benefits to you as well? It’s true. Many different plants can help with your mental state, as well as physical factors to (such as breathing). Definitely something to look into.

Side note, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the “responsibility” of taking care of a living plant, then you can always settle for fake ones. (They won’t have the same health benefits of real plants, but they will still bring forth beauty.)

Get Creative

If you’re creative person, or have a love for art in general, you can always make your own. There is nothing more satisfying than using your own art to make your space more personal for you. From paintings, to photography the list goes on. Let your creative edge drive you.

Whether you like to DIY, use your own art, or prefer to buy things. Making the space you occupy your own (when there are rules you have to abide by), is always more comforting compared to not. So why not bring that uniqueness and personality to it instead.

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