Why “Cloak and Dagger” Should Be Your End of Summer Binge

cloak and dagger

With Avengers: Endgame blowing up the box offices and Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters, superhero stories seem to be “in” right now. These kinds of movies follow the journeys of supernaturally-capable characters using their powers to save the world and stop the bad guys. They’re full of fun, excitement and tons of fight scenes.

Whether you’ve been keeping up with these films or not, Cloak and Dagger on Freeform is a beautifully-crafted show that mixes the excitement of superhero stories with the daily struggles of teens in our current political climate.

Similar to Endgame and other Avengers movies, the story of Cloak and Dagger started in Marvel comic books. This superhero duo tends to get overlooked, but Freeform made sure to bring it into the spotlight by transforming it into a series you won’t be able to stop watching.

The show is slightly different from its comic book counterpart. It takes place in New Orleans rather than New York City, and the characters’ backstories are a little different. Despite this, Cloak and Dagger doesn’t lose the gist of what these heroes do.

cloak and dagger
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It follows the lives of Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson as they work through conflicts and deal with their budding superpowers. Tandy lives in a broken family with a dead father and an alcoholic mother. Rather than stay in her house, she occupies an abandoned church, stealing from others to survive. Tyrone, on the other hand, lives in a middle-class household and attends a private school while struggling to cope with his brother’s death at the hands of a cop.

As their struggles mount, they realize they aren’t normal – they have powers that no human being should have. And with New Orleans on the brink of destruction, it’s up to Tandy and Tyrone to save their city.

What makes this superhero series different than many others is how they incorporate real issues teens face into their story.

Tandy has trouble dealing with being a woman in America where oftentimes, sexual assault victims aren’t given the justice they deserve. On the other hand, Tyrone fears for his life as a black male in America who had to watch his older brother die meaninglessly. The show brings both of these issues to the forefront and goes even more in-depth to problems our current society faces. It isn’t afraid to tackle this controversial and difficult material.

Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph are also magnificent in their parts as the duo. They really make the audience feel for their characters. They portray the newfound complicated friendship between Tandy and Tyrone perfectly. The way the two interact really animates their connection and the ways in which they mutually rely on each other.

When Tandy and Tyrone come into conflict over something, their arguments are powerful and impossible to look away from. Holt and Joseph make sure of that. The show does an excellent job of having the audience extremely involved in their well-being.

cloak and dagger
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The soundtrack for the show really brings everything together.

Usually, I don’t notice the background music playing while the protagonists fight off the bad guys. For this show, I loved the music so much I’d pause and add some of it to my Spotify playlist. Many of the songs are eerie and melodic, fitting perfectly with the vibe of the show. It’s definitely not something to be ignored.

The best part of this show isn’t even that it’s one of the most entertaining and heart-wrenching things I’ve seen in a while; it’s that it’s free online, as long as you have cable. It’s as easy as logging into Freeform with your cable account and you can have full access to both of Cloak and Dagger’s seasons. (You also have access to The Bold Type, Davyn’s fave).

While I don’t want to give anything away on the series, I will say this: it’ll keep you addicted and on edge. After finishing season two, I couldn’t help but want to run to the show’s director and beg him to release season three. If you’re looking for something that will spark debate while simultaneously being an addicting superhero drama, this is the perfect show for you. Even if you don’t usually watch superhero movies, it wouldn’t hurt to try this one out!

Summer is usually when you’ve got far too much free time to watch shows and movies. Even if you have never heard of Cloak and Dagger, my guess is that you’ll be addicted after the first episode.

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