Why I Used Bumble to Find a BFF


I think most people know that I like social media (and I’m not alone on this one). Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, I have them all. I even dabbled in Tinder awhile back. Social media is great for keeping connected with and finding current friends, but what about finding new friends?

As someone who’s already “found” their friend group, I have trouble branching out and meeting new people sometimes. It’s nice to be so close to your current group of friends that you can count on them to get dinner, go to a movie, or just hang out at home. It’s nice to be comfortable having a serious conversation about politics or climate change and also be able to show each other memes and poke fun at each other in the same conversation. It’s nice to be settled in.

My group of close friends is almost exclusively male. My three best friends (and roommates) are guys, and my female best friend lives across the world and comes home, which is Madrid, for Christmas. So most of the time, it’s me and the guys. Don’t get me wrong, I adore my friends and couldn’t live without them. But sometimes I long for someone to gossip and do face masks with, which is why I downloaded the Bumble BFF app.

Bumble BFF essentially works like any other dating app where you have a profile with basic information, like age and distance, a bio, and pictures. Your school and/or profession will pop up there as well. You can also add tidbits about yourself like if you’re in a relationship, if you smoke or drink, and what exactly you’re looking for on Bumble BFF (gym partner, going out buddy). The thing I like a lot is that there’s an age variety where I can meet a whole range of students, career women, travelers, and others at different life stages.

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You’ll get to see a wide variety of people on the app, so if you like someone swipe right. If you’re a match, you’ll have the opportunity to send a chat! The app will even help you with an opener if you need it. But beware, you only have 24 hours to send a chat before it expires! Like any app of this nature, it’s vital to actually meet the person, not just chat. I’ve personally found it easier to just give out my number since it’s a better way to reach me.

I took the route of being open and honest with my bio by saying exactly why I was on the app: I live with all guys so I’m looking for a girlfriend who likes junk food, yoga, beer, and dogs. I thought that by being explicit, I could find a BFF who could vibe with me and potentially integrate into our group. And, excitingly enough, I found a BFF who is awesome!

If you’re thinking about a good way to find some new friends, I highly recommend the Bumble BFF app. While I admit, it’s a little intimidating to have other women looking at your profile and deciding if they think you could be friends, the app is super easy to use and most people on it are friendly. There are so many amazing and potential BFFs out there. Happy friend hunting!

Sometimes you’ll find a nice addition to your group when you go online.

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