Four Youtube Channels That Promote Girl Power


If you’re anything like me, you saw the word Youtube and clicked faster than you click the “Skip Ad” button on a super boring commercial. Hey, there’s no shame in that- Youtube is kind of the best thing ever. I don’t watch normal TV nearly as much as I used to anymore because I’ve fallen in the black hole of watching videos instead.

Anyway, I figured I would introduce you to four Youtube channels that promote girl power that you should add to your subscribe list. I love these channels not just for their positive message but because they release truly entertaining videos that I hope you’ll enjoy just as much as I do!

Buzzfeed’s Ladylike

Recently creating their own Youtube channel and therefore uprooting from the Buzzfeed Video account, Buzzfeed’s Ladylike is a group of five women- Kristin, Devin, Freddie, Chantel, and Jen- who will basically do anything to make their viewers laugh. Their content ranges from strange to actually helpful, and you never know what they’ll try next.

Because these five women all work for such an influential company in the media, they are all extremely competent and hardworking. While every member of Ladylike has their own assets, they all work together to form a group of kick-butt filmmakers.

This team of women is extremely diverse, featuring a woman of color, a Latina woman, a gay woman, and a plus-size woman.

Some of their most popular videos include “We Gave High Schoolers Their Dream Prom Makeovers”, “We Fostered Rescue Dogs for Two Weeks”, and one of the more graphic videos, “We Painted with Our Period Blood”.

Safiya Nygaard

It’s a bit ironic that Safiya has found her way onto this list, because she was actually one of the original founders of the Ladylike team, alongside current member Freddie Ransome. Safiya quit Buzzfeed to pursue her own Youtube channel complete with her original content. Her channel blew up quite quickly since its creation, and now she has over 3 million subscribers.

Safiya’s videos typically involve fashion and beauty, and she often starts trends that catch on in the Youtube world. For example, have you seen a video called “I Bought the First 5 Things Instagram Recommended to Me”? Safiya actually created the first video of its kind, and she made versions for Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat as well.

While her channel is very lighthearted and typically silly, Safiya makes it very clear that she balances a relationship (her boyfriend, Tyler Williams, has his own channel where he vlogs about their adventures), multiple friendships, and being her own boss as a social media influencer.

Some of her most famous videos include “I Bought A Full Face of Makeup Blindfolded”, “Wearing $5 Clothes from Wish for A Week”, and “Wearing Clear Plastic Jeans for A Week”.

Heather Traska

Heather Traska has no connection to Buzzfeed whatsoever… thank goodness, you probably were starting to think this was a sponsored article. Nope, I just love watching people do ridiculous things that I would never want to try.

Heather Traska is a singer who posts a capella medleys, as well as makeup tutorials and lookbooks. Heather’s medleys are created completely by herself, as she films, performs, applies makeup, and edits her own videos. Some of her most famous videos are medleys from Disney, Wicked, and Frozen.

As a musical theatre nerd, as soon as I found her channel, I absolutely flipped out, but you don’t have to love Broadway to become a fan of hers.

If you enjoy fashion, makeup, or plus-size inspiration, you’ll love Heather’s content. She is incredibly hardworking and has made a name for herself simply by dedicating herself to her art. You’ll definitely want to support her channel once you see all the effort she puts into creating every single one of her videos.


NikkieTutorials is a beauty Youtuber who lives in the Netherlands. Addressing topics such as makeup shaming and body image, Nikkie stays true to who she is through cosmetics. Her channel blew up after she created the famous “Power of Makeup” video- it received over 37 MILLION views on Youtube!

Since then, she has appeared in videos with many other social media influencers such as PatrickStarrr, MannyMUA, and Jeffree Star to spread her platform (and apply some seriously glam makeup as well). You don’t have to love makeup to enjoy her videos. She’s so bubbly and fun to watch, and she always posts hilarious challenges such as the “Full Face Using Only My Fingers Challenge” and the “Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge”.

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