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Achok Majak Redefines Beauty and Self-Love For Women Everywhere

It's a reminder that we need to love ourselves a lil' more

Achok Majak is one of the fresh faces of Tiffany & Co’s signature perfume –  Eau de Parfum. Teen Vogue recently sat down with Majak to get her take on fragrance, beauty, and confidence. Majak’s refreshing responses give us some hope for the future of the industry.

She’s honest about her body.

When asked about her favorite beauty products, Majak said, “foundation, just in case of an emergency!” We all get blemishes, but it often feels as though models are exempt from skin imperfections. Majak doesn’t shy away from honesty. When asked about eyebrow horror stories, Majak told Teen Vogue,

“I don’t really have eyebrows! [I get it from] my mother — she barely has eyebrows herself.”

Instead of discussing this as an insecurity, Majak fully embraces her body. Her response will empower eyebrow-less ladies across the globe.

She promotes self-love.

We would never treat others the way we treat ourselves. Our generation is far too hard on ourselves, especially in terms of body image. Majak’s responses display a dose of self-love that we could all use. When asked about her relationship with her short hair, Majak said,

“I love that my hair is short. It’s me….I used to think that long hair defined beauty — but my short hair essentially created my beauty. It empowers me everyday.”

She believes in different types of beauty.

Year after year, the modeling industry receives harsh (and warranted) criticism for their lack of representation. Thanks to beauty ads everywhere, a dangerously thin body type has become the desired norm. Body acceptance initiatives like Aerie’s promote different types of beauty, but the quest toward acceptance is still challenging-as-ever. Majak said,

We can’t get stuck in the mentality that there’s only one type of beauty. There are multiple types of beauty. It’s about being open-minded….If I could send one message to girls, it’s to be yourself. Be what’s comfortable to you.I became myself. I [embraced] a different vision of beauty, and that’s when everything fell into place.

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