My Phoenix Fashion Week 2019 Experience

phoenix fashion week 2019

Ever since I was little I’ve always loved watching red carpet events because I found myself fascinated with the glitz and the glamour. From photographers to journalists to fans to celebrities, it seemed like the whole world was there, watching the event unfold. I hoped to one day be a part of something as massive.

It was because of this I jumped at the opportunity to attend all three days of Phoenix Fashion Week 2019 (PHXFW). Not only was it a time where I could achieve what I longed for since I was a kid, walking the red carpet, but it also proved to be an awesome opportunity to see what the fashion community was like, as my dream is to one day work in the fashion industry.

phoenix fashion week 2019

Prior to going to the shows, I found myself a bundle of nerves yet also thrilled. I knew people would be dressed outrageously, compared to my outfits I bought the day of. I also knew once I was there our equal love for fashion would balance it out. 

At the show itself, were various photo opportunities whether that be the classic red carpet, a flower wall, a giant PHXFW sign, or the runway itself, it was an opportunity to see what others were wearing as well as document the exciting event

What I also love about the photo ops is the fact that the photographers or “paparazzi” were everywhere capturing everyone regardless of their importance. They not only asked to take your picture but posted it on their social media.

After mingling and taking pictures, I found my seat ready to see what the night would unveil. It was at that moment where I felt complete and utter bliss like it’s where I’m meant to be. 

Local designers who competed in the designer of the year competition often opened the shows. Seeing their collections was inspirational, to say the least. From Dalton England, with the Tie-Dye Company to Amber Anderson’s Flower Power Co., it was an awesome experience being able to witness their journey to the runway.

Rocky Gathercole, photo courtesy of Mikhail Veter

Although Phoenix Fashion Week was primarily dedicated to local designers, it also showcased industry icons like Rocky Gathercole who has dressed stars like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, and Beyoncé. Richie Bondoc (has designed for Jason Derulo), and Dany Mizrachi are other couture designers who created elaborate pieces that were absolutely breathtaking.

Similar to the designers, models competed for model of the year, the prize being a modeling contract with Agency Arizona. Everyone has those fantasy’s about what it would be like to be a model or even meet one. I had the opportunity to meet a few before and after the shows. 

Let me tell you, the stereotypes of models are wrong (aside from the fact that they’re very, VERY tall – that’s also coming from someone who is five-foot). Most of them started modeling right before the competition and fell in love with it. I felt extremely grateful to have met a few and it made it even more fun being able to watch/cheer them on as they walked the runway.

I remember at the end of every show I felt a buzz in the air. Everyone was absolutely mesmerized by what they had just witnessed. It’s moments like these where I felt proud to be a part of the fashion community and know that that’s what I want to do with the rest of my life.

Phoenix Fashion Week 2019 reminded me of how warm and welcoming the fashion community truly is. It’s a time where people put aside their differences and come together to focus on something they both love: Fashion.