Dear New College Students I See on Campus Tours

There are some things you should know

Dear New College Students I See on Campus Tours,

Prepare yourselves for the journey of a lifetime. You are about to embark on an adventure unlike ever before. It will consist of many laughs and tears, a few too many cups of coffee and a mediocre cuisine that will leave you longing for a home-cooked meal.

Welcome to the place that will be your school, home, and playground for the next four years or so. Get comfortable because you are just getting started.

new college students

The quaint box known as a dorm will be your bedroom for the next 32 weeks but don’t worry, it will eventually feel bigger than it looks. You will most likely have a roommate your first year, so here are a few concepts to bear in mind.

  1. Learning to sleep 10 feet away from an individual you barely know is an awkward adjustment. Your bedtime schedules may not exactly align, and you’ll pick up on the quirks they have in their sleep, like talking or snoring. Remember that they’re adjusting to you too, so be patient and know this will become your new norm.
  2. It will sometimes feel like you have no sense of privacy. Find a spot on campus that feels like your own and return to it when you need a good cry or a personal conversation with a loved one.
  3. While it may seem that everyone is best friends with their roommates, especially the first few weeks, it’s okay if you are not. As intimidating as it is, make friends you can call your own; separation between the two is beneficial when you need to let off some roommate steam…and believe me, you will at some point.

The friends you make in college are very different than those from high school. These are people you not only see in class but also at the crack of dawn with no makeup, downing an energy drink – you’ll get to know them for who they truly are.

You will become acclimated with those around you in no time – it’s rather amazing how fast everyone starts to feel like family.

new college students

A sense of freedom will surge through your veins the first time you go out without asking permission. You’ll feel like an adult who makes their own decisions how and when they want.

But this power is easier to take for granted than you may think. You are now in charge of deciding how you spend your time: when you wake up, what you eat, how you will go about your daily business.

While some days will not be the most productive, you are responsible for keeping yourself on track. Agendas, aesthetic school supplies and more than a few doses of coffee may be just what you need.

new college students

As a first-year student, you are bombarded with changes from left to right, but it’s essential to maintain the qualities that make you uniquely you. Set aside time for yourself to enjoy the hobbies you had before college. Stock your shelves with books, join an intramural sports team, volunteer with a service club.

Change doesn’t mean losing yourself, it just means updating yourself.

The first few weeks away from home will be tough, but so are you. College is about building your education and character. Home will be there when you’re ready to return, but right now this campus is for you.

Make your time here what you will, it’s all yours.


Emily Taylor
Proud ASU Sun Devil


Journalism and Mass Communication Major, Barrett the Honors College at...