It Begins With Us: Newtown High School, #NationalSchoolWalkout


Today I stood alongside some of the bravest people in the nation. My town was deeply affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy, but we refuse to let our past be the outcome of anyone else’s future. This is an amazing time in history, and students like us are the ones leading it. I walked out today to take a stand with the students in Parkland, for us Newtown students once felt exactly what they’re feeling now.

There is no better time to shake up the nation than right now, and words cannot describe how empowering it feels to be a part of such a movement. The United States boasts about its leading effort to be a free country and have an amazing economy, forgetting that in the process we are also a leading nation in deaths by guns. Protecting the lives of our kids should not be a political statement. It should be common sense.

We walked out today to show Congress a real visualization of who our future leaders are going to be. We walked out today to stand up for each other’s lives because the politicians failed. This is not the end of our fight. This is just the beginning.

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