Elena Salaks’ App Philanthropy for the Masses is About to Revolutionize How We Donate to Charity

Philanthropy for the Masses

Elena Salaks is at it again. Our fav tech girl entrepreneur is launching a Kickstarter Campaign today to crowd fund her passion project, Philanthropy for the Masses – the app that’s going to change the way we donate to non-profits and charity. We had a chance to sit down with Elena to talk more about her project and why she thinks it’s about to blow up the world of philanthropy.

“Did you grow up dreaming of being a super hero saving the world? Have you since grown up and have become… busy? We hear you. As proof, here’s me with my hero.”

Philanthropy for the Masses Elena and son

“How many times have you donated after hearing a sob story… but never followed up to see what came of your donation? Be honest, we’ve all done that,” Elena shared.

philanthropy for the masses process

“This status quo wasn’t good enough. I realized this when I was listening to a segment on NPR one day, where they were talking about a very well known non-profit organization. I was heart broken to learn that millions of dollars they received from donations were unaccounted for. These are donations from hard working folks like you and I.

That is when I started researching and found that the lack of transparency is a big problem. There are many organizations that are truly remarkable in making our world better. Its just hard to weed through all the bad or mediocre ones. With $1.74 trillion in revenue, I’d say that is a big problem.”

philanthropy for the masses

But we live in the information age. So it’s time for the status quo to change. And Philanthropy for the Masses is the change agent to make it happen. Elena’s concept is simple:  a huge non-profit database that is consumable, searchable and even customizable all organized inside a public web app. The goal being to create transparency in the donation process. If you give $20 to PETA, where does that money go? How much goes to overhead costs? How much goes to animals in need? No matter how much you can afford to give, you can see an in real time breakdown of how far you dollars go. It’s literally philanthropy for the masses.

But, what’s really cool about the functionality, is that you can customize it based on your interests. For example, if you’re a feminist who advocates for mothers and children, there are so many organizations out there for you! But how do you pick who to send your money to? Philanthropy for the  Masses to the rescue! Based on your philanthropic interests, the app will allocate your donation between the highest ranked organizations within that interest group. So freaking cool!

Elena is even including automatic payment functionality, so all you have to do is set up a profile and donation plan and you’re good to go! Tax information will be provided in each user’s profile for easy reference too. Hello, tax break!

With her three KPI’s of efficiency, transparency, and integrity, we know this is about to change the donation game for the better. If you agree, check out her Kickstarter campaign here! The goal is $ in # days. If you’re able, throw a couple $$’s her way. We love supporting female entrepreneurs, especially when their mission is kindness. Let’s do this! Check out the Kickstarter Campaign here.