Why Haven’t We Heard of Phoenix Noise Pop Band Koleżanka?


Kristina Moore, leader singer of local Phoenix band, Koleżanka, has officially captured my heart. Now before I rant and rave, let me set the scene for you. The lights are low at Rebel Lounge. It’s June 20th, and I’m itching to see one of my favorite groups, Girlpool, perform. My knees are starting to develop the expected stiffness one feels in general admission but all of a sudden an angel appears. Okay, not an actual angel but close enough: Kristina Moore.

Now at first glance I was delighted by Moore’s absence of shoes and socks that I remember being a fan of but do not recall the design. The circlets of blue and green lights behind Moore were illuminating. I thought about how I had taken the steps the night prior to look up one of Girlpool’s other openers, Snail Mail (you should check them out as well), and listened to their music before the show but had been terribly unaware of Koleżanka. Even though I was unsure of what my night had in store for me, the second Moore’s voice added to the electronic beats from the band beside her, I was smitten.

It felt like I was staring at sunlight as it pierced through the ocean

Moore is singing and I’m hyper aware of my facial expressions. I’m in awe that no one else is trying to hold back a grin like I am. In that moment, it felt like I was staring at sunlight as it pierced through the ocean. In person, Moore’s voice contained a sense of beauty and depth that I hadn’t felt before. Their set was only 30 minutes, but I wanted more. Now let’s talk about Koleżanka. On Koleżanka’s band camp, Kristina’s bio is “Kristina Moore exploring sounds with herself and with friends” and her music showcases that. The tags to her page are “electronic,” “experimental,” “drone,” “noise pop,” “strange,” and “Phoenix.” While the band doesn’t have a record released yet, they do have two songs on their band camp called “Space Issues” and “Snow Cone Summer/Flyfishing.”

The band’s first song “Space Issues” starts out softly, Moore’s voice is easy and introduces the electronic qualities of her music subtlety. The song is a perfect dip in the pool for people who have never listened to “noise pop” before. Their other song, “Snow Cone Summer/ Flyfishing” applies a much more liberal approach to the use of electronics; it’s there from the beginning of the song but never over powers the vocals or the usage of other instruments. This song also shows off Moore’s vocal abilities, ambitiously exploring their use of the word “experimental.”

From listening to the band’s two songs online, this type of music feels like the two most common aspects of summer; their music is bright enough to play as you drive down a sunny highway but it’s also gentle enough that you can play it in the dark as background music while you try not to succumb to the heat soaking through the walls.

If you haven’t heard of Koleżanka, this is your invitation.

The band plans to release their record “Vessel” July 13th as well as have their record release/tour kick off show before a month long tour. The show is taking place at Phoenix music venue The Lunchbox with doors opening at 7 pm and the show starting at 7:30. The show also contains other groups such as Evan Bisbee, Willetta, James Band, and Pro Teens. Take a chance, beat the heat, and fall in love with new music.

“Flyfishing/Snow Cone Summer” |  Koleżanka

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