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Steph Curry Is The Ally Women’s Sports Need

Sports isn't just a man's world and it never was.

Even if you don’t follow basketball, you know who Stephen Curry is. While he may be dominating the basketball courts,  off the court he’s also trying to work towards equality within women’s sports. From holding a youth girls basketball camp to advocating for equal pay, Curry is an ally. Yet all this work didn’t keep him from getting called out by a 9-year-old girl from Napa.

Riley is a Warrior’s fan and avid basketball player. One day she enlisted the help of her father to try and buy a pair of Stephen Curry’s famous basketball shoes, the Curry 5’s. After finding out there were no Curry 5’s on Under Armour’s websites for girls, she wrote Curry a letter. Not long after, he responded to her.

Not only did Curry have Under Armour fix the website, he hinted at an upcoming project that was to be released on International Women’s Day. Once an ally always an ally, right?

While the fact that a basketball star such as Stephen Curry taking time to write to a 9-year-old fan is heartwarming to say the least, his dedication to women’s sports is even more than that. It’s inspiring.

Women have been working hard to prove that they are just as capable as men in the realm of sports. To do this, they are having to work twice as hard and the playing field isn’t exactly stacked up in their favor.

The WNBA plays roughly 40 to 50 games less than the NBA. To put this inequality in the context of another sport, the women’s hockey league has 5 teams compared to the 31 in the NHL. The only real sport that we can easily compare players of different genders is tennis.

We need more men like Stephen Curry to speak up for the equality of all sports. Female athletes deserve a real shot at the professional level and it’s up to us and the media to give them the respect they deserve.

Right now women’s sports are only receiving 4% of  media coverage.

How can we expect equality when the entities who are supposed to cover sports, which isn’t exclusively a gendered term, chooses to barely pay them any attention?

Women in sports need allies. They need people to speak for them in areas they often wouldn’t be heard. That’s not to say they can’t advocate for themselves of course. Both the women’s soccer division and women’s hockey league have successfully petitioned for higher salaries.

The need for allies is to spread the word. That is the only way women have a real shot at an equal playing ground. All of us have to fight for that. We need to be more vocal in our desires to see more in-depth coverage of women’s sports because that’s the only way we can break the stigma.

If we were to see more women playing sports on television, imagine what kind of world that could create for future generations? The girls of tomorrow deserve that.

Image courtesy of USA Today.


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