Students Will March for Gun Control in the ‘March For Our Lives’

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After one of the deadliest mass shootings in U.S. history in Parkland, Florida last week, students are saying enough is enough. On March 24, students will march in Washington D.C. and across the country to demand gun control and action by lawmakers to prevent future gun violence. The march, called the ‘March for Our Lives,’ hopes to send a message to the government that thoughts and prayers are not nearly enough.

Students impacted by the Parkland shooting are speaking up to say ‘we will be the last mass shooting’.

Students from the school have taken to Twitter and other social media platforms to demand action. They hope no other students or teachers will experience the horror of another school shooting. They speak up to honor the 17 people who were killed last Wednesday during the shooting: peers, friends and colleagues. “My message for the people in office is: You’re either with us or against us,” said Cameron Kasky, a junior at Stoneman Douglas High School on CNN’s State of the Union. “We are losing our lives while the adults are playing around.”

Emma Gonzalez, a student from Parkland, Florida, called out President Trump and the NRA in a powerful speech:

The people in the government who are voted into power are lying to us. Us kids seem to be the only ones who notice and are prepared to call B.S.
The ‘March For Our Lives’ is not the only upcoming protest for gun control.

On April 20, the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting, there is a scheduled student walkout to peacefully protest. According to ongoing analysis from The Washington Post, more than 150,000 students have experienced a shooting on campus since Columbine.

Everytown for Gun Safety is telling people to hold their representatives accountable.

As this year’s midterm elections approach, Everytown wants constituents to focus on their state and local representatives’ stance on gun control. The organization’s message is if your representatives don’t hold their promises, or receive money from the NRA, vote them out in November. If you’re not seeing the change you want regarding gun safety, run for office yourself. The group hopes Americans will channel their grief, anger and fear into action toward safer gun laws.

Students and gun control advocates alike hope this time will be a turning point.

Gun homicide rates in the U.S. are more than double the amount in any other country. After shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Pulse nightclub, the music festival in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs church, along with dozens of other incidents, people are asking when does something change? When do thoughts and prayers turn to concrete action? Movements like March For Our Lives hope 2018 will create the start of gun safety in the U.S., and they’re taking all the steps they can to make it happen.

gun control
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Cover Image features the March on Washington for Gun Control in 2013 (via Wikimedia Commons).