Support Female Entrepreneurs: 5 Women-Owned Businesses That Are Uplifting Other Women

More women than ever are taking the initiative to open their own businesses. The number of women-owned businesses in the U.S. increased by 45 percent in less than a decade. Women have overcome sexism and adversity to use their creativity and start businesses of their own. What could be better than women supporting women? Here are five women-owned businesses that are shattering the glass ceiling and helping women nationwide.

1. Be Good to People
Women-Owned Businesses
Credit: Be Good to People

Kris Wittenberg started her company, Be Good to People, after a rude interaction with a stranger. She wanted to put “Be Good to People” on a shirt, to remind people that they can make a kinder and more compassionate world. Everything Be Good to People creates is black and white, because “really, it is that simple.” Her products have started a movement toward a friendlier world. Plus, for every BGTP item sold, 5 percent of the sale goes to the Be Good to People Foundation, which creates human kindness-centered events and recognizes people being kind all over the world.

2. Pop Up Plus
Women-Owned Businesses
Camille Newman of Pop Up Plus

Camille Newman, a first-generation American originally from Jamaica, started Pop Up Plus as an online clothing shop for people sizes 14+. She started her business with her own hard work, funding the business with savings, pitch competitions and micro-loans. Newman turned her own body insecurities and trouble shopping for her size into a clothing outlet. Now, curvy people can go to her to find fashionable and trendy clothing that fits them well.

3. justBOBBI with Bobbi Brown
Women-Owned Businesses
Credit: Bobbi Brown/Wikimedia Commons

Bobbi Brown is a makeup icon and serial entrepreneur. After conquering the beauty industry, she chose to re-invent herself yet again. This time with justBOBBI, a modern lifestyle platform that focuses on “wellness, beauty travel and everything in-between.” There’s information about makeup trends, wellness and beauty products to buy, as well as interviews with inspiring women like Sophie Roe and Tonya Lewis-Lee. justBOBBI expands Bobbi Brown’s empire, allowing it to be accessible and relatable for every day life.

4. Black Girls RUN!
Women-Owned Businesses
Credit: Black Girls Run

Black Girls RUN! was started by cofounders Tony Carey and Ashley Hicks in 2009 in an effort to tackle the obesity epidemic that was growing in the African-American community. They provide encouragement and resources to both new and veteran runners. The mission of Black Girls RUN! is to “encourage ALL (especially African-American women) to make fitness and healthy living a priority.” Starting in April, Jay Ell Alexander became the organization’s owner and CEO. Through their online store and over 70 running groups across the country, they fund their mission and keep pushing a healthy and invigorating message to communities nationwide.

5. Girl Wonderful

Women-Owned Businesses

Elizabeth Medina and her mother, Deb Kusmec, started Girl Wonderful, an online clothing boutique. Girl Wonderful’s mission focuses on feminism and women’s empowerment with simple and fun slogans. In their story online, Medina and Kusmec say, “Together we offer you one way to begin that crucial conversation with your favorite little girl; a way to speak to the potential that lies within her, and to the limitless opportunities that lay before her. Just be sure to let her know that we think she’s wonderful, too.”

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