The Voices Behind Anonymous for the Voiceless

Anonymous for the Voiceless

They’re most identifiable by their borderline intimidating Guy Fawkes masks and black clothing, but the Anonymous for the Voiceless activists are making a global impact.

What is AV?

Anonymous for the Voiceless (AV) is a non-profit advocacy group that fights for the abolition of animal exploitation.

Their most common method of demonstrating is through “the cube.” The cube is a formation in which activists stand back-to-back wearing black clothing, Guy Fawkes masks, and holding TVs, laptops, or tablets displaying slaughterhouse footage.

Outreach members surround the cube as passers-by begin engaging with the footage. When someone seems to linger, watching the videos, then an outreach member will begin discussing animal cruelty and veganism with them.

Beyond the Cube, AV also hosts outreach workshops, conferences, and other events.

The Beginnings

AV first began in the summer of 2016 when founders Paul Bashir and Asal Alamdari started performing Cube demonstrations in Melbourne, Australia.

It only took three cube events for AV to officially form. By October AV reached a global scale. Now, the organization has “over 1,000 chapters worldwide and has hosted 15,000 events and growing.”

Logic Behind The Mask

Since its beginning, AV demonstrators in the Cube have always worn a mask. The mask ensures that passers-by can only focus on the footage displayed rather than judging the individual holding the screen.

AV’s entire methodology of activism is extremely methodological. The demonstrations allow for people to engage only if they are ready and willing. Nothing is forced upon anyone.

Furthermore, AV focuses on outreach through the Socratic method. Meaning, rather than saying killing animals for food is immoral, you ask someone “do you think that killing animals for food is moral?”

This is one of the largest and most successful vegan activist groups, as well as the easiest to join.

Join the Team

If you’ve never stumbled upon an AV demonstration then you can easily discover, or start, a chapter near you. Simply go to the AV website and use their chapter finder.

If you’re not interested in becoming an activist, you can also donate to the organization here.

The website also hosts tons of free resources for those looking to transition to veganism. Join today!

Cover image via Anonymous for the Voiceless

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