Life Hack: Time Management in College

As a college student, it may feel like your time is crunched. Trying to do well in your classes while also making a living can be tough and stressful. This is why managing your time efficiently can be helpful when you have a busy schedule so you can get everything done. But where do you start?

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Some college students may not use one because you “remember” everything you have to do. But having a planner in hand can save you the time because you have your tasks written out. You have deadlines? Write them down. Interviews? Write them down. It will get your life in order trust me.

Since we live in a world where technology rules, make use of the calendars and planners on your phone. This can be set as double reminders just to make sure you don’t miss anything on that day.

Keep A Regular Routine 

Practicing consistency will help you in the long run. If you keep doing the same thing everyday, you will be more efficient and avoid procrastinating. Plan out your schedule each day and make note of the down time you have so you can run the extra errands you have.

Be Flexible 

Ideally, we want to get everything done on our to-do list, but sometimes things happen and you end up leaving one or two things out. No need to worry. Don’t overthink about all the things you have to get done and because it will leave you feeling even more stressed.

Your list is just a guideline and not something you have to make sure you get done. This is where re-arrangements come into play. So move some things to the next day if you have to, or try to get them done early in the morning.

time management in college

Set Goals And Look Ahead 

Setting goals is a great way to improve yourself, especially in college. Trying to ace that test? Study harder. Want to get on the swimming team? Make time to practice more. This will lead you to be more motivated and hardworking. It will pay off.

Looking ahead a week or two will make it even better to plan out things that get in the way. Set aside one or two days where you are free and that way you won’t have to squeeze them in on the days you are busy.

Other Time Management Tips 

  • Make sure to prioritize and try to get some harder tasks done first
  • Put down the phone and shut off the t.v, this is the time to avoid distraction
  • Be healthy so you have energy throughout the day
  • Get the right amount of sleep because it will make you be productive
  • Make use of resources like school counselors, family, and friends. They are there to help

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. College can be a busy time and your life is changing. Make mistakes and learn from them. After all, we’re not perfect so lets not try to be.

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