Pumpkin Spice Life: Autumn In The South Vs. The North

It's something you have to get used to

Living in Florida can be a blast. There are palm trees, beaches, and sunshine everywhere you go. But from someone who lived up North for some time, you start missing the Fall season. Not to say it’s not festive here during that time, but nothing goes better together to me than cold weather and Autumn.

Southern Autumn: What It’s Really LikeĀ 

Florida in Fall is obviously different because it’s still 75 degrees out. You’re still wearing shorts and t-shirts when going to school. Which to me, was a shock. I was so used to wearing boots and sweaters during this time. And sadly, I’ve noticed that people are not as excited to be putting up Halloween decorations. Which, up North, people thrive off on. Oh, and people are still going to the beach. What?

The whole pumpkin spice phenomenon is not as big here either. You’re not getting pumpkin spice candles or lattes. It’s as if people don’t even know about it. It’s a sad thing because I had pumpkin everything stashed up in my house. And now, it’s like I’m the only one getting in the spirit.

So do you get the point? It’s not very exciting.

Autumn Up North is the Real Deal

I remember tons of leaves falling and my yard already covered. My friends and I raked up big piles and jumped into them. The air was cold and crisp. Everyone in my neighborhood had 5 or 6 pumpkins ready to carve. They were bought at the pumpkin patches, not grocery stores. Those left over pumpkins, then turned into pies and muffins.

Houses had spider webs, gravestones, and witches in their yards. At school, students wore sweaters. jackets, and boots. It was starting to get so cold that could see your breath in the air and your cheeks turned red. On weekends, people go apple picking and eat apple cider donuts. This is the Autumn I remember.


So Why Is It Different?

My opinion is the cold weather. I think that’s what makes people get in the spirit. People from the North automatically associate cold weather with Autumn. You’re not going to wear jackets when its hot outside or drink hot pumpkin spice coffee.

The coldest weather people from the South experienced is probably 50 degrees. They know Autumn is when the weather changes but they won’t experience much. I think this is why they don’t rave about Autumn, because nothing really changes for them.

I think in the end, people will experience seasons based on what they remember and know. You may have lived in the South your whole life and never felt the coldest of temperatures. Or you may have lived up North and was lucky enough to go through seasons.

It made me realize how differently people live their lives even if only geographically. I may be in the South, but bring on the Pumpkin Spice Life.


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Shivani is a Public Relations student at the University of South Florida....