Easy Ways to Make a Space Feel Like Home

No matter how amazing the location, traveling can bring about home sickness. Those days come around when all the times you’ve thought “I can’t wait to get out of here,” seem like another world. Thankfully there’s tons of ways to make your new space feel like home.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Often times it’s less the place of home and more the people that we miss. I’ve gotten in the routine of hanging photos of my loved ones any place I’m staying for longer than just a couple weeks.

Seeing your favorite faces, even in an unfamiliar place, is always comforting. There’s tons of ways to do this from simply printing photos on printer paper or ordering prints through services like Snapfish or even Walgreens.

You Are Where You Eat

Just because you’re in a new place, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy all the tastiness of home. If there’s a certain breakfast you love eating back home, make it for yourself in this new spot!

Even just cooking itself makes a space more home-like. Definitely explore the new cuisines around you, but whip up some home cooked meals now and then as well.

Crafty Decorating

Sometimes our heart wants elaborate decor, but our wallet says otherwise. This is when we get crafty. If you’re moving into a new dorm, look out for give aways around campus. You can find things like movie posters and even cups and blankets.

If your walls are bland look out for cool magazine layouts or even buy some postcards to hang up. Creating a space that’s unique to you makes those lonely days a little easier.

Smells Like Home

Bring your favorite perfume or candle along with you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a smell is worth a million.

Comfort is King

If your bed feels like a brick or your butt hurts just at the thought of sitting on the couch, change something! Resting and relaxing properly, when needed, makes all the difference. Buy a mattress pad or extra cushion for your sofa. The little investments really add up.

Establish New Routines

Being nostalgic for home is totally normal, but enjoy the present moment as well. Establish new routines to help you settle in. Find a coffee shoppe to go to on the weekends or scenic route on your way to class. These small adjustments help you establish yourself in your new home while preserving all the good things about your old one.

Cover image via Real Simple

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