Gone-a To Ghana: 5 Things Not to Miss

Kakum National Park Ghana

As someone who has  lived in Ghana for over two years, I have the opportunity to see and travel to some unique locations and see sites you may not normal come across on your average family holiday. If by chance Ghana is ever your destination,  here are the five activities I suggest being sure to do if you visit the country.

Cape Coast and Elmina Castle Tour

This is the best opportunity to understand the historical significance of the slave trade. Offering wonderful guided tours and museum shops, this is the first stop anyone should make in their trip to Ghana. The tour provides a first-hand view of where slaves were kept before being sent overseas, and you even have the opportunity to stand in the cells where slaves once died waiting for their ship to arrive. Gives you a whole different perspective on American History.

Elmina Castle Ghana

Ada Foah – a little piece of paradise on the coast of Ghana

A beautiful town host to the estuary, this is a pleasant experience for visitors. There are numerous boating activities, including excursions taking you next to the estuary for a full view. Boats also are available to tour different islands where you can take a picnic lunch.


Manhyia Palace in Kumasi

This palace gives an overview of the rich cultural history of Ghana, and the previous kings. The palace is a tour of old and current things that were used by Ghanaian kings and queens, and there are statues of previous rulers placed artfully throughout the house. The peacocks outside are also a pleasant sight.

Mahnhyia Palace Kumasi Ghana

Kakum National Park

Not only do you have the opportunity to walk across bridges on top of the rainforest, but the forest tour is also not to be missed. Here the guides will describe the different types of trees and their medicinal use. This informative and engaging experience with the forest is one of the best opportunities in Ghana for nature lovers.

Kakum National Park Ghana

Hiking Afajato and visiting Wli waterfalls

This climb up the tallest mountain in Ghana and nearby trip to a gorgeous two story waterfall is another worthwhile adventure for nature lovers. The hike up the mountain is only about 45 minutes for people who are in good shape, but takes no more than 90 minutes overall. The waterfall is also a beautiful and refreshing place where you can choose to take a dip and swim under the waterfall in the pool located at the bottom, or hike up to the higher level for the view. Totally worth the workout.

Wli Waterfall Ghana

There is far more to the African continent than people typically assume. Get away from the stereotype and check out Ghana. You won’t regret it!

Images via TripAdvisor.