More Than Fish and Chips: A Foodie’s Guide to London

Nutella-filled taiyaki (the fish-shaped cake) not included, but don't worry, you can get it at Chinatown Bakery

England is not known for its spectacular cuisine. When I moved to London, I was aware of this and had already gotten all the bucket-list British foods crossed off from a previous trip. Having established that scotch eggs and shepherd’s pie aren’t my cup of English breakfast tea, I set out to find the best non-British cuisine in London. The current findings of this ongoing investigation are detailed below.

Food Markets

Camden Market

Camden is the old punk neighborhood of London and the Camden market has a great grunge vibe to it. I spent a solid half an hour deciding which food stand to go for since there were way too many great options. Decided on the New York Reuben bagel from Ghetto Grillz and had no regrets.

Broadway Market

If you want to head towards East London, Broadway Market in Hackney is a great choice. It’s not as big as some of the other markets which is great for indecisive people. I found this market especially tailored for dessert-addicts like myself. There are award-winning salted caramel brownies, lavender fudge blocks, and the most aesthetic truffles ever laid out on chunks of raw wood. I settled on this carrot cake but will definitely have to return to try the other specialties.

Burrough Market

This market is the classic so all foodies gotta go at least once. It earns bonus points for having the best location being beside the River Thames and in walking distance from the Tate Modern. My personal go-to is the Ethiopian cart in back.


Viet Food

I stumbled upon this place on accident one of my first nights here and its been a go-to ever since. The pho is pho-nomenal and my friend said the Vietnamese chicken is some of the best she’s ever had. Since it’s also quite affordable there’s usually a line outside so best to book ahead.

Beijing Dumpling

This place deserves its spot in the 2018 Michelin Guide; the food is amazing, not to mention affordable. It has horribly slow service, however, so definitely make a reservation if you don’t want to wait outside forever. Highly recommend the sweet and sour chicken and beef and bean sauce ho fun.

Japan Center

To be clear, this isn’t a restaurant, it’s a Japanese grocery store. However, it has seating to eat at and a wide selection of adorable Japanese desserts. I’m a matcha addict and there were at least seven varieties of matcha desserts, so it made my list.


Farm Girl

This place is honestly a little too healthy for me (I promptly had to get a muffin nearby afterward to recover from my beet salad), but all my healthier friends dig it. It’s feel-good food. They also have every latte imaginable from charcoal to turmeric if you’re into that.


London is known for its Indian food and if you want to try it, Dishoom is the place. With gorgeous decor, tasty food, and the best service I’ve ever received at a restaurant, it’s got it all going on. If it’s booked up for dinner, try the breakfast; it’s unexpectedly wonderful.




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