An Arizona Guide to Making the Most of Your Summer

arizona summer

There’s nothing quite like Arizona in the summertime! Temperatures soar, people stay inside, and it simply seems like there’s no way to beat the heat. As a Phoenix local of 12 years, I’ve lived through many of its scorching summers. While some may call it boring, I say it’s a time for a little creativity.

The sun is no excuse to stay inside wasting your vacation days away! Summer is a time for rest, relaxation, and of course adventure. I’ve compiled a list of activities to do this season. Whether you’re a local looking for inspiration or a gal on a desert getaway, I’ve got your back.

Go to the movies

This activity is a summer essential no matter where you’re from, but it’s an especially big one in Arizona. When the temp peeks above 110 degrees and the heat becomes too much to bear, a movie theater is your great escape. Sweet or salty snacks and air conditioning go a long way!

Even going to the movies can begin to feel tedious, which is why it’s important to switch your experience up a bit. Unique theaters with personalities of their own can be found around the state, such as…

  • Filmbar – Downtown Phoenix
  • iPic – Scottsdale
  • West Wind Drive-In – Glendale

Go to midnight showings with your girlfriends, or see movies you typically wouldn’t see! You may surprise yourself and stumble across your new favorite film genre.

Roadtrip around the state

Roadtripping through the desert is a summer must for those with an itch to get out-and-about. Escape the valley heat for a day or weekend getaway by heading up north to the red rocks and tall pines.

Not to mention, car rides are a great excuse for catching up with friends and hours-on-end jam sessions! Check out our Metiza summer playlist for some musical inspiration.

While Sedona is often seen as a tourist town, even Arizona natives can find new and exciting things to do there, including:

  • Slide Rock State Park
  • Grasshopper Point Swimming Hole
  • Tlaquepaque shopping area
  • Black Cow Cafe (ice cream shop)
Eat Ice Cream

There is no excuse needed for eating ice cream, but if there was, Arizona summer heat would be the perfect one!

Whether you’re a Ben and Jerry’s kinda gal or enjoy whipping up some homemade “nice cream,” you’re definitely going to need several sweet treats in hand this summer.

If you really want to go all out, take a trip to The Art of Ice Cream Experience in Scottsdale. Spend a day taking pics amidst this art pop-up shop, enjoy a delicious bite, and explore eight ice cream themed rooms filled with fun decor.

Explore the world of Pinterest

If you don’t have the chance to travel much this summer, plan your dream vacations through Pinterest boards! They may come in handy someday when you really do plan on jetting off. This is a great way to virtually explore places you’ve never been and discover hidden treasures in cities you have yet to visit.

This same concept reigns true for creating the wardrobe of your dreams. For those summer days when all you want to do is stay in or rest and relax at a coffee shop, create Pinterest boards filled with fashion for every season and occasion.

Take a look back at your pins throughout the year when you’re in need of style inspiration of your own.

Lounge by the pool

This activity may seem a bit cliche, but it had to make an appearance on the list anyway! What better way to celebrate the summer season than with a pool day. Grab a glass a lemonade, some sunscreen, and your favorite fashion magazines.

arizona summer

If you’re in need of a change of scenery, take a dip in the pool at a local resort for a staycation. Often times, as the heat goes up the prices of hotels significantly goes down. Stay on the lookout and take advantage of these summer sales. They may transport you on a “tropical vacation” you so greatly deserve.

Local boutique venturing

Phoenix, Arizona is known for embracing local creativity, and fashion boutiques are no exception! Spend a day with your friends exploring chic,small businesses you may have never known were right in your backyard.

See what’s in style unique to the state itself! Here’s a list of some local favorites:

  • Local Nomad
  • Phoenix General
  • Vida Moulin
  • Bunky Boutique

Don’t let the Arizona heat keep you from having the summer of your dreams! Take advantage of all this beautiful state has to offer, and let us know what kind of desert adventures you go on.