How to Save Money While Studying Abroad

You’ve worked all summer long in order to have enough spending money for your semester abroad. Once you arrive, you soon realize how quickly your costs add up. Thankfully there’s tons of ways to save money and still be able to explore and experience everything you can during your time overseas!

Take Public Transportation or Walk

If you’re studying in a city this one should be pretty easy. However the temptation of Uber when you don’t feel like cramming onto the metro is always strong. But, taking the bus or train will save you loads in the long run.

Shop Wisely

Just like in the US, grocery store prices vary dramatically from store to store. Do research and find the most affordable place to shop around you. Sometimes it’s not the closest, but the extra few minutes of walking are worth it.

Eat In Most of the Time

In a similar vein, try and cook for yourself as much as you can. Eating out in the city is crazy expensive and you’ll save a ton of money doing this. Still enjoy the delicacies your place of study has to offer but don’t make it a daily occurrence.

Effective Travel & Lodging

If you’re studying in Europe and have easy access to all the amazing countries it offers, consider using the Eurail. You can take trains just about anywhere in Europe at a fraction of the cost when compared to flying.

Once you arrive at your destination, see if there are any hostels you can stay at, for they’re usually cheaper than hotels or AirBnb.

Save Money

Find Free Attractions

A lot of museums and main attractions around Europe are actually free. In London, for example, most of the major museums cost nothing for admittance. Do a bit of research and find out what you can see without spending a penny!

Create a Budget

Get an idea of what you do and don’t need to spend your money on. Find a realistic price for groceries each week and how much you want to allocate to going out and more. Allow flexibility in this for you only study abroad once, but within reason of course.


Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime experience. Don’t blow all your money on something you can get or do at home. Figure out what you have to do before leaving and what you can pass on and spend your money accordingly.

Cover image via Eurail Blog

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