Jet Setter Goals: Here’s How to Travel Like a Celeb

Jet setter teen girl

Hey there Metiza! The holiday season is right around the corner, and on my campus that means students are getting ready for lots of travel. Between fall break, Thanksgiving, and all the winter holidays, there’s going to be a whole lot of flying in my future. I’ve been super lucky this semester to go on upwards of a dozen flights around the country, seeing friends and family and traveling for school.

But that also means I’ve had to streamline my getting-ready-to-fly routine, because my penchant for jet setting around the country doesn’t make me any less of a procrastinating college student. But it’s absolutely possible to throw together a complete suitcase in no time (I’m at the airport right now, and packed my bag last night in less than 30 minutes!) if you do a couple of things ahead of time so you’re always ready to fly. Bonus: doing these things also makes it easier to keep your room clean, and laundry becomes a breeze! So much winning.

A Jet Setter’s Wardrobe (aka or athleisure FTW)

This is what requires the most advance planning, but also has the most overall benefit. With the exception of my suit pieces and a couple of formal dresses, I do not own clothes that need to be ironed or folded. #LifeHacks. As any college student learning how to do laundry can tell you, this makes my life a lot easier. There are a couple ways to go about building your easy-to-clean wardrobe: I’ve committed to my inner Basic College Girl™ by wearing leggings all day every day (whether traveling or not you can find me with a huge sweater and a huger latte). One of the many benefits of going whole hog on athleisure is that workout clothes don’t need to be ironed. See previous #LifeHack, props to Lindsay for that top notch tutorial.

over packed suitcase
You won’t see THIS happening with MY suitcase!

I also love traveling in my workout clothes for the trip. My running clothes are comfy and it’s one less outfit to pack! Why is this so useful for traveling? I can fit all my clothes in a backpack and crunch them down without worrying about wrinkles later. I know that I could be a lot more efficient with my packing by stuffing my shoes with socks or rolling up my T-shirts, but I love being able to throw clothes into a suitcase willy-nilly and know they’ll be fine.

Flying as a Jet Setter Makeup Maven, or How to Not Get TSA Mad at You

I’m not going to pretend to be any kind of makeup expert, but I have a makeup routine that works for me–and more importantly, works for the TSA. Remember the 4oz. rule. I have three tips for how to keep your makeup bag super travel-friendly, so when you’re flying you can pack your makeup in no time.

Makeup bag travel

1. Keep everything in one bag. The everyday makeup that I like to use I keep in its own pouch so that when I pack I can just throw it in my suitcase without thinking. Maybe I’ll leave behind an eyeshadow that I wanted to use, but the odds of that happening are pretty slim. Plus, the sassy makeup bag is a must-have jet setter accessory.

2. If you wear foundation travel with powder like this travel one by Laura Mercier. I use mineral foundation because it helps me avoid the liquids restrictions when I’m traveling.

3. Avoid waterproof products. This is related to the liquids issue. I know that lots of girls swear by their waterproof eyeliner and mascara, but I’m firmly in the water-soluble makeup camp. Why? When I travel, it’s super easy for me to take off my eye makeup at the end of the night without having to pack makeup remover. The upshot is that I have no liquids related to my makeup.

My usual makeup routine is just filling in my eyebrows and throwing on some eyeliner, which I can easily wash off with water, but if you want to wear more makeup while traveling, packing makeup remover wipes is way easier than liquid remover. Bonus tip: if you have old makeup wipes that have dried up, no need to throw them away! Just wet them with water and they’ll work good as new.

Keeping Your Luscious Locks

Can you guess how many hair products are in my carry-on bag for this trip? None. A couple years ago I stopped washing my hair every day, and it makes traveling way easier. I’m able to fly without any liquids in my bag which makes security a breeze, and it’s healthier for my hair anyways. I usually travel with dry shampoo in case I need to touch up my roots, and if I’m gone for more than a couple days I’ll borrow shampoo from a friend or the hotel, but breaking my wash-every-day habit has had awesome knock-on benefits for my suitcase.

I hope you all have an awesome holiday season, Metiza girls! Remember, the most important thing is that travel should be fun. It’s great to see new places and people, and travel doesn’t have to be super stressful. I’m super excited for my upcoming trips–my school is sending me to a conference on the other side of the country, which means I’ll be pulling a Hillary and rocking my best purple pantsuit (so fine, I’ll have to fold some of my clothes). I feel so lucky that I’m able to travel this holiday season, and I hope those of you who’ll be cruising around the country have a great time too.

And promise me you won’t forget your phone charger!

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