Here Are All The Essentials You Need to Plan An EPIC Road Trip

epic road trip

It’s almost road trip season, otherwise known as summer. That means we’re gathering our girls and figuring out where we want to go–West Coast road trip, anyone? The idea of spontaneously jumping in the car and hitting the road sounds awesome, but there’s actually a ton of planning that goes into making it run as smoothly as possible. On every trip, there’s always something we forget, but Nadine Sykora of Hey Nadine has the ultimate guide to help you plan your epic road trip, and trust us, she’s thought of everything.

Whether it’s budgeting, tool recommendations, or even what type of car is best, Nadine has got you covered. Need some great songs to jam out to during that long drive? Check out our very own road trip playlist here!

How to Plan an Epic Road Trip | Hey Nadine

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