Staying Active While Traveling: Seattle Edition

Staying fit while traveling Seattle

Whether you’re an Emerald City native or just visiting, Seattle is one of the easiest spots to stay active. From countless parks and trails to gym-galore you’ll be anything but sedentary in this city. Staying active while traveling is easy, Seattle style.

The Basics

Keeping a somewhat consistent workout routine is crucial to long-term health. While rest is undoubtedly encouraged as well, keeping active while traveling can actually make your trip that much more enjoyable. With the help of a few portable products and supplements, you’ll be a destination fitness guru in no time.

If you don’t have access to a gym, there’s a few pieces of equipment you can easily pack to add some resistance and variety to your routine.

One of my favorites are resistance bands. I usually just bring a set of long bands but short bands are extremely helpful as well. You can use these for all sorts of moves that will target every muscle in your body.

Another easily transportable item is a quality protein powder. This serves as the perfect snack on the go or addition to any meal. My favorite brands include Vivolife, Vega, Garden of Life, and Sun Warrior. If you have a kitchen available you can even easily whip up a smoothie like this one:

Parks & Trails

Now, back to Seattle. This city hosts countless trails, parks, and beautiful natural areas.

A phenomenal loop that goes past Gas Works as well as the Space Needle, Downtown, and the Freemont Bridge is the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop.

Lastly, to experience the frantic-wonder of Pike Place Market as well as the intriguing sculptures of the Olympic Sculpture Park head over to Elliot Bay Trail. 


If you’re wanting to escape the city then try out Seward Park and enjoy the views of Lake Washington or Rattlesnake Ledge to gain some elevation on the way up to an unbelievable view.

Studios, Gyms, and Classes

One of my best purchases was an Anytime Fitness membership. No matter where you go in the country, you can get into that location’s Anytime Fitness gym. If you like to stick to the weights or simply have a location to work out, give Anytime a go.

If you like to switch it up with different workouts like yoga, kickboxing, or cycling Seattle has plenty to offer as well.

For the Yogis, 8 Limbs Yoga hosts several locations within the Seattle area.

City Cycle is renown around the city as well and even offers a free first class.

If kickboxing is your thing then the Seattle Boxing Gym is the place for you welcoming pros and beginners alike.

It’s not difficult to keep up your fitness routine on the road, and can even provide some fun variety to your usual exercises. Do some research prior to your next trip for fun activities to keep you moving or give these Seattle locations a try!

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