All Roads Lead To Gelato: A Student’s Guide to Rome


This past weekend I traveled to Rome on a school trip with other students from Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business. Traveling alone is exhilarating, but traveling with friends—especially a huge group of them, is really something special. There are way too many cool things in Rome to fit into one weekend, but here are a few things worthy of the bucket list:


Get Gelato (Every Day)

Out of all the marvelous cuisine in Italy, a good cone of gelato wins my first prize. This trip I sampled everything from pistachio to salted caramel to chocolate with undertones of fungi, which just goes to prove gelato can pull-off any flavor. romerome

Walk to the Trevi Fountain at Night

Rome is gorgeous during the day, but I think it’s even more stunning all lit-up at night. There’s no better place to walk to on a warm night than the Trevi Fountain. Don’t forget to throw a coin in over your shoulder and make a wish!romerome

Chill in a Café with a Cappuccino

I’m not a coffee person (no matter how many lattes I purchase in an attempt to convert myself), so I settled for hot chocolate. But a cappuccino is what you should really order. There’s no better way to relax than chatting with friends while sipping coffee outside on a sunny day.


Visit the Pantheon and Spanish Steps

Like the Coliseum and Forum (which you should also see), these two are touristy but worth seeing. They’re in the heart of the action of Rome so you’ll probably accidentally stumble into them anyways.


Eat as Much Pasta and Pizza as Possible

(Duh!) I much preferred the pasta to pizza, but in a hurry, a cheap slice of street pizza is the best option.

rome rome

Explore Vatican City

I skipped this my first time in Rome, but am so glad I got to see it this time around. The Vatican City is historic and stunning. If you get the chance to attend mass in the Basilica of like I did, it’s worth waking up early for.romerome

Get Lost

Rome is a walking city. It’s so full of historic sites, delicious restaurants, gorgeous architecture, and little surprises, that no turn will take you in a bad direction (unless you walk right out of the city). So ditch the map and go on an adventure!rome


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