Don’t Forget Your Summer Vacation Essentials: An Open Mind And A Little Preparation

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Keeping your energy up, and maintaining healthy eating and wellness routines can be daunting tasks while traveling during the summer months. To many, it may even seem impossible. Jumping around to different airports, climates, and time zones throws our bodies out of balance, causing fatigue, bloating, and breakouts that prevent you from truly savoring your holiday.

As a retreat guide and world traveler, I understand the struggle of maintaining optimal health while being away from home. Luckily, after years of studying holistic health and hundreds of hours on the road I have assembled the perfect list of ‘must-pack’ items. Regardless of where your travels find you, these summer vacation essentials help ensure that you stay healthy and that your body remains in balance.

Comfortable Shoes and Clothes

Sure, your strappy wedges might be perfect for summer, but they’ll give you blisters that will have you crawling back to your hotel room. A comfy pair of sneakers encourages walking and running–extra steps that will help you burn off all the delicious food you’ve been trying. Better yet, traveling by foot will allow you to see more of the land, meet the locals, a truly get a feel for the culture.

Delicious and Healthy Snacks

Airline food is highly processed and packed with salt–a combination that will have you feeling groggy and bloated long before you even land. Healthy snacks like kale chips, dried fruits, raw nuts, and superfood bars are far more satisfying and delicious. Take this tip a step further by hiding the packaged snacks your hotel provides in your room and heading out to the local market to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables. Snacking on whole foods will keep you energized for those exciting days filled with sightseeing.

Water Bottle and Filter

Traveling to new places with unfamiliar cuisines often persuades us to overeat, and this can wreak havoc on our digestive systems. Keep your body in working order and prevent crazy cravings with frequent sips from a glass bottle of filtered water. Add a fresh squeeze of organic lemon for a tasty twist that will keep your body energized and your skin glowing.

Wellness is a lifestyle that can be adapted to fit all the amazing experiences your destination has to offer.

Essential Oils

If you aren’t already experimenting with essential oils to amp-up your health, vacation is the perfect time to experience their benefits. If you struggle to adapt to different time zones, lavender will soothe you to sleep and a drop of citrus will provide a natural boost of energy in the morning. Check out these recommendations from The Real Flying Yogini.

Superfood Snacks

You may be used to starting your day with nutrient-packed green smoothies, but a high-speed blender is a hassle to pack while traveling. Luckily, superfood packs, like Goop’s vitamin supplements provide all the nutrients you need for a boosted metabolism, balanced blood sugar, and strong immune system. A bottle of multi-vitamins, digestive enzymes and probiotics are also easy to toss into your bag work wonders for warding off upset stomachs by keeping digestion regular. Also, don’t forget to pack fiber – a must while traveling!

Feel Good Items

Of course, vacations are meant for relaxing, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be moments of stress when you have trouble finding your hotel or get lost trying to explore new territory. Taking along items that help you re-center, such as incense, favorite meditation music, or a travel yoga mat, will keep you in the right frame of mind and help you gain a sense of peace wherever you are. Download a yoga sequence on your laptop before you leave for inspiration!

Organic Skincare

The tiny bottles of shampoo hotels provide are super cute, but they’re often packed with chemicals and toxins. These pesky compounds tamper with your hormones and cause your body to hold onto excess weight. Keep your gorgeous figure by taking your organic essentials with you. Pangea Organics assembles great sets that make packing your cosmetic or gym bag a no-brainer.

A List of Local Restaurants, Spas and Fitness Options

Check out some healthy options and restaurants in your travel destination before leaving home. Hitting up a local juice bar or joining a unique exercise class is a beautiful opportunity to embrace a new culture while learning new healthy habits. Plus, you never know what new friends might lie down beside you for a beachside Shavasana.

Open Mind and Flexibility

The most important thing to pack happens to be something you can’t physically tuck away in your carry-on. Staying open and flexible will ease any anxiety you may have about leaving your normal healthy routine at home. Always remember wellness is a lifestyle that can be adapted to fit all the amazing experiences your travel destination has to offer. Get outside. Walk. Run. Choose a healthy mindset. Trust that your body knows exactly how to adjust even on a different timezones.

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