Travel Guide to Palm Springs, California

palm springs

A quaint city in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, Palm Springs is a toasty wonderland filled with history and character. It lies close to the Arizona border just before the rush of Los Angeles.

The swanky, vintage identity of the city makes it the perfect destination for a quick summer getaway. With fun photo opportunities and plenty to do, one will never be bored here.

Here’s a breakdown of just a few of the things Palm Springs has to offer! Give the post a read to discover all the must-see places and things to do when venturing through the city.

Photo Opportunities

The Pink Door

A peek on Pinterest and Instagram will show you that The Pink Door is a main landmark of the Palm Springs area. This unique house sits in the midst of your average residential community; however, it has intricate features that make it stand apart from its surroundings.

This pristine white house is adorned with a green lawn and stone pit that border the walkway to its grand entrance. Two giant agaves, protruding from the ground, surround the tickled pink door. What’s better than cacti and adorable pink objects? I don’t know either!

palm springs

The beauty of this house lies in its simplicity and makes it unlike anything you’ve seen before. Take a step in the front for a few quick snapshots that will make your social media grids fun and fresh.

Cabazon Dinosaurs

When taking a drive through the city, be on the lookout for some ancient dinosaur friends. These life-size statues casually sit on the side of the road next to a Shell gas station and Burger King, but don’t let that fool you. They can’t be missed!

palm springs

The Cabazon Dinosaur exhibit consists of more than 50 dinosaurs and activities, such as fossil panning and climbing up the back of Mr. Rex. Not to mention, it’s one of the most unique roadside attractions in the country and the perfect opportunity for a photo that will have people believing you’re in Jurassic Park.

Hotels and Destinations

Korakia Pensione 

Whether you and your gal pals are looking for a unique place to stay for a few days or simply want an Insta-worthy backdrop for a spontaneous photo shoot, Palm Springs has plenty of options, such as Korakia Pensione.

Korakia Pensione is a boutique hotel hidden away in the backroads of the city. Its quaint structure and sense of seclusion make it the perfect retreat for some necessary R&R!

The property is home to about 20 rooms all decorated in their own unique ways and inspired by the Mediterranean and Moroccan cultures. Its two saltwater pools will have you feeling as if you’re on an international getaway.

The Avalon

The Avalon is another boutique hotel in Palm Springs that may go unnoticed if you’re not searching for it! A bright yellow door and set of beautiful, bulky hedges mark the front of the property. Inside you’ll find homey rooms and bungalows, as well as three pools for splashing and relaxing.

With yoga classes, hidden gardens, and a relaxing spa, this location is fit for either leisure or play. The modern decor and popping colors that spot the property will make you never wanna leave!

Food and Treats

Customs Coffee

Customs Coffee is a neighborhood coffee shop found along Palm Canyon Drive. It’s attached to the chic Arrive Hotel and Shoppe Ice Cream.

With an adorable interior and delicious variety of drinks and pastries, Customs is a fun place to catch up on work or chat with friends.

palm springs

Las Casuelas 

If you have a taste for Mexican cuisine, stopping at Las Casuelas is a must! From the front of the restaurant to the heart of the kitchen, this stop will transport you to another place.

The aroma of delicious food mixed with the sound of live music sung by authentic mariachi singers makes the ambiance an experience of its own.

Don’t forget to make a song request and order the empanada dessert – you won’t regret it!

Next time you take a trip to the Golden State, make a pit stop through this desert city. Take plenty of pics and let us know what you’d add to this list!

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