Eleven Travel Vloggers You Need to Check Out Before Planning Your Summer Vacay

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Yupp, it’s that time of year again! Although I usually read blogs when planning my trips, I’ve recently been really into watching vlogs. Blogs are wonderful since they’re easy to skim to get the relevant info, but vlogs are great if you really want to get a feel for what a place is like. I mean, if a picture is worth a thousand words, and video is like… ten thousand? So anyway, here are some travel vloggers to help you vicariously test out cool locations for your summer vacation. Or just vicariously experience the trips from your couch even if you have no intention of going… a vicarious trip to Bali is better than none, right?

1 Tess Christine 

The only thing better than watching a typical, great travel vlog is watching one with romance and OOTD inspiration: both of which Tess’s videos include. Her and her also-stylish boyfriend, Patrick, are based in New York City but are always on the run.

2. Istiana Bestari 

Istiana is a triple threat: vlogger, serial entrepreneur, and musician (she goes by the name “Canela”). Her videos are majorly aesthetically pleasing and she always includes a city’s most Instagrammable spots.

3. Where’s Poppy 

Poppy graduated with a degree in journalism and french from the University of Colorado and, unsure of what to do with her life, bought a one-way ticket to Costa Rica. She started by using Workaway.com across South America and ended up working all across the world vlogging and working on other video projects. Her spunky personality makes her adventures quite interesting to follow.

4. Sailing La Vagabonde

It’s doubtful you’ll want to sail across the world like this Australian couple, but their vlog is still so fun to watch. It feels more like watching a reality TV show than a vlog (most videos are titled as “episodes”), which makes it like the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” of the travel vlog world.

5. Naomi Smart 

The Londoner isn’t exclusively a travel vlogger (she’s really passionate about fitness and is the author of “Eat Smart”), but she travels enough to make the list. She’s absolutely adorable and her makeup always is on point (even at the airport, which is quite impressive.)

6. The Candourist 

“The Candourist” tracks JP’s adventures from cycling across America to learning to code in Bali. He’s a wild dude. The film quality on these and editing are superb and his adorable accent makes it all even better.

7. Elaine Ian

The Toronto-native doesn’t have too many vlogs up yet, but I love how well she mixes together landscape shots, funny clips, and mouth-watering food close-ups. Most of her videos are shot in Asia and she also mixes clothing hauls into her channel.

8. Jay and Mike Explore

Mike Dewey is a filmmaker so it’s no surprise his vlogs are stunning. He makes every city he visits, from his old hometown of Portland to far-flung destinations like the Arctic Circle, look mesmerizing.

9. Cartia Mallan

Watching this Australian gal and her wild friends is dangerously addicting and a major contributor to the demise of my normal sleep schedule. Also, her eyelash extensions and accessorizing skills never fail to impress.

10. Linny Is

A “a designer by trade but an adventurer at heart”, Linny posts new videos each week of her adventures with her array of hilarious friends. She’s like the best-friend-tour-guide you always wanted and now can have.

11. Travellight

Jordan is a friend of Poppy of “Where’s Poppy.” The two met while working at a tourism company in Guatemala and ended up both moving to China together later to work on a film project. Most of Jordan’s trips are with her boyfriend Livio who also vlogs. They often find themselves in ridiculous situations which are quite entertaining to observe.

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