Traveling Allows the Human Spirit to Embrace its Highest Self

Wanderlust plagues us all. However I think there really is something behind this inherent, widespread desire to travel. Exposure to new people and places, gifts us with opportunities of growth that can’t be found anywhere else.

The Only Productive Coping Mechanism

I think that travel, movement, calls stronger to those that are lost within themselves. The monotonous and predictable routines we establish allow us to fool ourselves into believing that we’re okay, that we are stable. But travel exposes everything. It forces us to retreat to the only home we’ll have forever: this body, this mind.

In a way, travel represents the futile effort to run away from ourselves, but it ends up showing us exactly who we are.

You witness the larger schemes at play beyond your bubble of fabricated predictability and self-deprecation. It shrinks your worries, pain, and anger as the world moves on a much grander scale independent of you, thousands of miles in every direction.

It’s not invalidating your pain, but giving rise to the good. Traveling is one of the few coping mechanisms or vehicles of denial that actually counters your foolish intentions. You end up doing the work and seeing the truths that you didn’t intend to, or didn’t know were needed. I know this is why travel calls me at every turn.

Introducing Yourself to the Unknown

We find ourselves in the unknown and lose ourselves in familiarity. Routine allows comfort in our destructive tendencies. They take a backseat to the nonsense we prioritize. Deep down, we know all of this reigns true. The human spirit belongs nowhere and everywhere all at once. We crave change.

Or perhaps this is just another misplaced anecdote. But, I truly believe that each one of us can sense when a location, person, or routine has brought us all of the growth that it’s meant to. It’s no ones’ fault, we are just meant to experience.

Much of humanity is so fortunate in that we’ve transcended the sole focus of mere survival. Shouldn’t we take advantage of this? Explore our own soul through seeing every inch of the world that brought us here, through knowing our fellow men and women beyond the pleasantries.

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Finding Your Higher Self

We need this, we crave it every waking moment while also fearing the chance to do it. This is why we often may feel strangers to ourselves. In one moment, everything is crystal clear: our visions, desires, and the uselessness of the things and establishments we put so much of ourselves into. But then in another breath it all changes.

Doubt becomes powerful and perceived rationality creeps in. This perfectly encapsulates the higher and lower self. The higher self is free. Sometimes its with us, other times its in another location or dimension. The higher self leads the way to our true, untarnished, uninfluenced purposes and desires.

The lower self is stagnant and heavy. It symbolizes all of our learned fears, judgements and reservations. Travel, creativity, love, all of the things in which your body and soul radiates freedom and weightlessness, that’s the higher self. An unspoken wisdom. A knowing.

I suppose what we’re all trying to find out is, where our higher self is, and how we can get there.

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