A Peek at the 2018 Spring Trend Essentials I Cannot Live Without

The fashion and beauty products of the season

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming and sandal season has arrived. The weather change indicates it’s time to update my fashion and beauty routines. I gravitate toward new products I am unable to do without every season. Here is a peek at my 2018 spring essentials.

Round Woven Bag:

Round woven bags are spring in every way. Their petite structure and neutral tone make them convenient and versatile, no matter the look I am going for. My purse has a thin, tan leather strap that drapes over my shoulder. It only provides enough room for the bare essentials – credit cards, IDs, keys and lipstick, which I believe is the beauty of it. There’s no fuss or hassle when pairing it with an outfit or packing it up for a day out.

2018 spring trend essentials

This trendy accessory is making its mark in the fashion industry this season and proving to be a key outfit element among bloggers and influencers, including Jae Marie and Hannah Westby.

The bag I purchased was made by the brand Street Level Bags and can be found at Nordstrom department store; however, it is all over the internet and is also available at Urban Outfitters and Etsy.


Jumpsuits are a closet staple for me this spring season. They are lightweight, comfortable and a suitable option whether I am going on a date or heading to class. I find them exceptionally useful when time is of the essence, and I still want to feel put together.

I exude class and confidence when I slip into one of these timeless garments and am ready to take on the day.

2018 spring trend essentials

My go-to jumpsuit is white with black pinstripes and has a tie-up belt at the waist with attached loops. Its mid-rise flowy pant legs allow me to pair sandals, heels, and flats with it, depending on the occasion. American Eagle and Madewell will give you plenty of options if you’re on the hunt for one of these stylish must-haves.

2018 spring trend essentials

White Wine Inspired Leave-in-Spray:

I recently began experimenting with hair products because I’m looking for a bit more volume and shine. I am also trying to grow out my do and need an extra layer of protection when using heated instruments. The White Wine Inspired leave-in-spray by Hask Beauty has become my go-to spray.

I spritz it in my hair when I get out of the shower and comb it through my locks to leave them smelling fresh and sweet all day. This “10-in-1” spray conditions, shines, smoothes, detangles and much more. It can be purchased at Ulta and the brand’s online shop.

2018 spring trend essentials

The product’s adorable branding initially drew me to it as it comes in a shimmery pink container shaped like a wine bottle. It may be inspired by an alcoholic beverage but all ages are allowed to indulge.

Hair Bandanas:

Anyone who knows me understands my love for bandanas. They can be worn as neck scarves, purse accessories, around my wrist – the list goes on.

I have incorporated this accessory into my outfits in a new way this spring by wearing them in my hair. I tie them either into headbands or hair bows. It is fit for all hair types and lengths including hair that is on the thinner and shorter side like mine.

2018 spring trend essentials

Bandanas bring a flirty and sophisticated look to my outfits, especially on the days I’m not quite sure what to do with my hair. I alternate between a skinny silk scarf that is red with a classic bandana print from Madewell and a navy blue tie adorned with pastel flowers from Urban Outfitters.

Now that you’ve heard about my spring 2018 fashion and beauty essentials, I’d love to swap notes and hear about yours. Let us know what you think, and don’t forget to tag Metiza in your spring looks.


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