5,000 Years of Makeup, All in Seven Minutes

History of Makeup, BeautyLisa Eldridge knows her makeup history. The artist and author took to YouTube to experiment with all the different beauty trends since the beginning of time, showing us the ups and downs of makeup, as well as the way it was used by different cultures. It’s fascinating, and will make you feel like a part of history the next time you dab some concealer over a zit.

Watching this video, we were astounded by how culture has shaped standards of beauty throughout history. For example, in medieval times, makeup was seen as a kind of deception, mostly because of religion. A person was supposed to be pure and ethereal, with nothing covering or altering their face.

It’s always important to remember that makeup and beauty are always trends, changing and altering as we move through time. It’s perfectly okay to wear makeup and participate in those beauty standards – just so long as we understand that it’s what’s underneath it all the matters most!