Au Revoir Paris, H&M Has A New Home This Fashion Month


As we enter the months of February and September, the mouths of fashion enthusiasts begin to water. For almost 30 days we are gifted with beautiful, extraordinary creations on the runway. Over the last few years certain entities in the fashion industry have chosen to shake up fashion month. H&M is among the most recent.

Instead of showing their Spring 2019 collection in Paris as usual, the retail giant is opting for the red clay and spirituality Sedona, Arizona offers.

The brand is holding what is being called an ‘immersive theater’ in the desert March 11th to 13th. H&M’s head of creative for marketing and communications Kattis Bahrke said Sedona was an inspiration for their new collection. Think deep, dusty browns, bright golds, pure whites, and intense blacks.

Their goal with this new set up is to blur what is real and what is fiction. Those attending are promised that the show begins the moment they step off the airplane. They’ll explore the stories of adventurous women on the go, while of course adoring the the glamorous clothing.

To some, this change of venue may not seem like a big deal. But when framed around the other changes of fashion week, it’s pretty huge.

New York and Paris fashion week are arguably the two biggest venues during the month. Designers like YSL, Marc Jacobs, and Alexander Wang usually opt for one of the two. H&M for years has found a home in Paris fashion week. To be trading that in for Sedona Arizona, two weeks after fashion month ends, that’s a shake.

More and more designers aren’t following ‘tradition’, opting instead to not only do what they want, but what consumers want. One of the biggest irritants is the six month delay from when the clothes are shown to when they can be purchased in stores.

That’s why designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Tom Ford opted for a see now, buy now method. They present clothing for the current season and allow consumers to buy what they see right after the show.

Gone are the days of waiting and sitting through a 12 minute fashion show with what can only be described as stale music. It’s supposed to be a show and that’s what designers are doing again. They’ve used this stage to address politics and relate to pop culture with memes featured on dresses.

It’s taken way too long for fashion to adapt to what consumers really want to see. They are keen on telling us what we should be wearing without listening to what we want in return. The baby steps being taken by H&M are the start of something magical and I hope you’ll follow along too.

Cover image via Vogue

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