How to Find a Diamond in the Rough: Confessions of a Thrifting Junkie

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Whether you’re looking for something to do with friends, seeking the perfect outfit, or just wanting to explore- go to the thrift store. A thrift store is defined as “a store selling secondhand clothes and other household goods.” But in reality, thrift stores hold so much more. They are full of stylish suede, lavish leather, and snazzy sneakers. A step inside a thrift store opens the door to your own personal closet of style opportunities. Here are some great reasons and tips to improve your own thrifting adventures.

A step inside a thrift store opens the door to your own personal closet of style opportunities.


The quality that you can find in a thrift store is extraordinary. The best thing about the clothing being used, is that the sizes won’t change. After trying it on, you will know exactly how it fits on you. While brands aren’t everything, there is a difference in quality between a shirt you would pick up from Forever 21 compared to a lightly used Banana Republic top. Some articles of clothing are just made to last longer. Thrift stores hold a treasure trove of outfits waiting to be worn and loved. So what if that jacket wasn’t $100 at Urban Outfitters? It was $10 at the thrift store and will last three times longer.

Girl thrifting in a second hand store rack


Now that we’re talking about prices, did I mention that thrift stores are the best money saver?! Most larger chain thrift stores like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Savers have special sale days and discount calendars every month. Local thrift stores are also a great place to start out thrifting if you’re looking for a good money saver that’s not super overwhelming. Saving and budgeting money is a great skill to learn and starting the process by thrifting is a great way to start.


My favorite part of thrifting is the fact that the items in the store are constantly changing. The things you see one week will be completely different the next. Every time you walk into a store ready for a bargain, a new treasure hunt begins. I always go into a thrift store with an open mind. I might not find exactly what I’m looking for if I have a super narrow idea of what I have to find. But going into a thrift store with a more open ended goal, or just to browse, makes the experience so much more fun. There isn’t any disappointment when you can’t find what you need and you’re more likely to find something you never would’ve thought to pick up when you explore the possibilities.

While they might be more expensive than a larger chain second hand store, smaller consignment stores and boutiques also hold amazing pieces. Items that these stores choose to sell are usually lightly used and are in need of a new home. Some of the most unique and vintage pieces I have found have been from these stores, so they are definitely worth a try!


Fashion is a form of expression. Where you get your clothes doesn’t define you as a person. Keeping a unique style while staying in trend can get tricky when it seems like everybody in your school shops at the same mall. But redesigning your shopping trips to include a thrift store can quell those worries and spark a passion for one of the most enjoyable hobbies. Thrifting is just another way to open up your creativity and express yourself. Finding an outfit you love in a thrift store has the same euphoric effect as finding cute outfit pins on Pinterest. While it took me awhile, thrifting has helped me to expand my self-confidence. I’m no longer scared people will judge me when I tell them my jacket is from Goodwill. I spent $7 on it, and I absolutely love it. As long as you’re confident in what you’re wearing, there’s nothing to worry about.

I hope that you enjoy your thrifting adventures as much as I do! Take some friends along, explore new stores, and always have an open mind. Let the thrifting spirit loose.