Death Of The It Girl: Simone Rocha Casts Accomplishments

Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha’s Fall 2019 fashion show revolved around an important question: what happens when our beloved “It Girls” grow up?

Simone Rocha cast artistically accomplished women to walk down her runway. From poet Natalia Montero to Documentarian Marie Sophie Wilson, Simone chose women with a different presence than the typical model.

Each woman either had no Instagram presence of their own or used their profile in a very intentional way. To showcase their personal work, like photographer Kirsten Owen, or to highlight their daily activities. This unconventional method of social media use for a model is probably why Elle dubbed this show the “Anti-Influencer” show.

Our world and pop culture has been turned upside down by the influencer generation. Models went from being prevalent forces in magazines, commercials and fashion shows, to now promoting product on Instagram. Their profile is all business.

Instead of choosing the run of the mill models we see time and time again, Rocha instead chose women with more depth and sense of maturity. Not only was each woman the epitome of elegance, their resume is what’s really on center stage here.

Most models are praised for their looks and walk down the runway. Media outlets still choose to call them ‘girls’ despite the fact that some are young adults. Simone Rocha’s choice of women and Elle’s willingness to acknowledge each woman’s accomplishments separate from this show is a positive move forward.

We practically worship the idea of it girls but once they age out of this category, we forget about them. This fashion show will hopefully encourage young women to recognize they have more to offer the world than just being the It Girl envied for her sense of style and cool demeanor.

Being pretty isn’t a talent. All women, regardless of age, are capable of so many great feats that have nothing to do with looks that should be celebrated. That’s what Simone Rocha showcased this season and it’s something I’m grateful for.

Cover image courtesy of Elle