DIY Bead Bracelets to Itch Your Craft Craving

DIY Bead bracelets

Looking for something to do when it’s snowing and you’re stuck inside watching Netflix in bed? Especially in the winter, I get tired of laying around without doing something productive. As someone who doesn’t enjoy complex crafts, but thoroughly enjoys art and trips to Michael’s, I love a good DIY that’s simple and fun. Additionally, this time of the year when it’s freezing makes indoor crafts a lot more appealing and easy to do. If you enjoy crafts that feel like a project, but also yield satisfying, beautiful, results, I give you DIY bead bracelets.

DIY bead bracelets

Since I was little, I’ve always enjoyed bracelets and DIY bracelet making.

I got bead kits as a kid for the holidays, and I enjoyed picking out the colors, shapes, and sizes for bracelets. As I got older, and preferred shopping to crafting, I found myself always looking for them when I out and about. Upon further investigation, I realized that making my own bracelets would not only be cheaper – it gives me a lot more leeway to make the kind of bracelets I wanted. Also, if you’re looking for a cheap gift idea, bracelets are not only personal and thoughtful, but they’re also affordable.

For a period of time, I got into making string bracelets, but I didn’t like the fact that they were tie on, so the only way to get them off was cutting them off with scissors. What I like the most about bead bracelets is that they’re versatile, you can slide them off or wear them for long periods of time without them getting dirty or soggy from the shower.

DIY Bead Bracelets

College + Crafty + Budget = DIY Heaven

As far as purchasing supplies, because I’m a college student, I’m on a serious budget. I get my beads from Michael’s, and they usually have good deals. (If you look up their website, they usually have coupons!) At Michael’s, strands of beads are priced from 3.99 to 12.00 for specialty beads. I tend to gravitate most toward the simple, smaller sized beads, as I enjoy a clean and symmetrical design – but if you opt for a more intricate design, they have a wide variety of specialty beads as well.

What’s nice about buying beads at Michael’s or your neighborhood craft store is that typically you can get a lot of strands without breaking the bank, or buy beads in a bulk container. Recently, I did both – and also picked up a plastic container to store them in, as well as the string necessary to make the bracelets.

DIY Bead Bracelets Directions

1. You want string that’s thick enough to support your beads, but thin enough so that the beads will loosely slide down the string. Wrap the string around your wrist and eyeball it – cut enough string that will allow you to put the beads on, and cut the string once you’re finished adding beads.
2. Tie a knot at the end of your string, but far enough away from the end so that you can leave room to tie the bracelet around your wrist.
3. Add the amount of beads you want on your bracelet. I like my bracelets fitted rather than loose, so I tend to put a lot of beads on and tie it tight. If you opt to use stretchy string, it’ll be easier to take off your bracelets and put them back on.
4. Once you’ve finished adding your beads, bring the bracelet around your wrist holding the unknotted end, and cut. Be careful not to cut the bracelet too short! I knot my bracelet multiple times to ensure that it won’t untie or break.
5. Slide your bracelet on, and you’re done!

Get your crafty pants on and make your own DIY bead bracelets! It’s a great way to create your own style, with a budget and have fun! For other fun DIY projects check these videos out!