How to Make DIY Velvet and Lace Chokers

DIY Choker tutorial still

There’s no denying velvet and lace are hot for fall. And while it’s not easy to work velvet into your everyday wardrobe, a choker can be the perfect accessory to stay on point both at school and hanging out on the weekend. Watch here to learn how to make a DIY choker for you and each member of your crew!

DIY Choker Steps

Velvet or lace ribbons, cut to fit your neck
Jewelry clasps + clamps
Needle nose pliers
Charms (optional)

1. Cut the pieces of lace or velvet fabric so that it fits the measurement of your neck.
2. Add clamps to both ends of the fabric.
3. Next add a ring clasp to close the ends of the choker.
4. Optional, add a cute charm to it. Anything from a locket to a pearl drop to a crystal can work!

Need more inspo for how to rock a choker? Check out our favorite celeb choker looks or read Metiza Girl Allie’s piece on Fall fashion trends (hint: it’s all about the velvet)!