How to Make Anthropologie Knockoff DIY Glitter Bobby Pins

DIY Glitter bobby pins

Decorated bobby pins are in. From sparkly ones to gem encrusted ones  to charm flaunting ones. But we all know the fate of the average bobby pin. We’ve probably bought over 1000 in our lifetime, and how is it possible we only have 4 left? Where do they all go? So when our favorite brands charge us $20 for a pack of 5, we’re like whaaaaat? That’s just not economical. That’s why we’re all about crafting our own. They cost the same as drugstore bobby pins but with an added layer of love and… glitter. Watch here to learn how to make your own nail polish glitter bobby pins!

Glitter Bobby Pins

DIY Glitter bobby pins

Things you need
Bobby pins
Nail polish

1. Paint the bobby pins using nail polish.
2. Add glitter of your choosing.
3. Optional: Slip 5-7 onto cute cardboard squares and warp for all your friends!


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