A DIY Zipper Bracelet for Your Fashionista Sista

This gift is too cool for school.

We all have that friend whose edgy, street style is the perfect balance of thrifted pieces mixed with on trend statements. And we all how hard it is to get them a gift that speaks to that unique style perspective but doesn’t cost a small designer fortune. The chic solution? Make her a DIY zipper bracelet or two. Zippers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and colors, so you can definitely find one that is totally her. Watch here how to make!

DIY Zipper Bracelet

DIY zipper bracelet

What You’ll Need
Ring clasps
Jewelry clamps
Needle nose pliers

1. Using two zippers, unzip them and discard one strand, you’ll need three pieces for your braid.
2. Clamp one end of the three zipper pieces together with your pliers.
3. Braid the three pieces together, you can do this as tightly as you like depending on how wide you want your bracelet.
4. When you reach the end, add a clamp to the other end of the zippers.
5. Add a ring clasp to connect the two ends and viola!




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