Embrace Your Natural Hair! My Tips and Tricks for Becoming a Curly Girl

If you’ve met me in real life or even looked at my profile picture here on Metiza, you probably know that my curly hair is a huge part of who I am. My curls and I weren’t always besties, and I’m here today to share my hair-story (like history, get it?) in an attempt to encourage you to embrace what you’ve been blessed with naturally.

I started straightening my hair in 7th grade in an attempt to look cooler since all of my friends chose to suppress their natural locks and opt for straight hair instead. I know this sounds ridiculous, but in middle school, conforming was the name of the game. In fact, when my mom, a curl icon herself, encouraged me to go to her specialized Curls Gone Wild salon, I refused until 8th grade, when I finally gave in. I promised myself I would hate it, but I agreed to go. I broke that promise because I absolutely loved it. The process was long and tedious, but so much easier than the hours of straightening I had been subjecting my mane to for years.

A common misconception is that you have to have defined ringlets to be a curly girl- so wrong! Curls come in all shapes and sizes!

A huge reason why I didn’t want to embrace what I was born with was because I didn’t feel that my hair truly qualified as curly. I looked on this website and discovered my hair is actually Type 3A! Even if you have the tiniest wave, I urge you to check it out for yourself- turns out you most likely fall on the curl spectrum.

There are so many reasons to put down the flat iron and embrace the curl. Like finally a chance to dance in the rain without worry!

Without heat products, your hair will be so much healthier and it will grow much faster because of this. This lifestyle is also super convenient for girls who like to sleep in in the mornings (definitely calling out myself here) because you can do all the work in the evening and simply tousle your locks in the morning for an effortless look. In fact, everything you can do to define your curls can be done in as little as 10 minutes- so much faster than two hours of straightening every single night! Of course, choosing to be curly also means choosing to be noticed! Everybody’s hair is unique and rocking your natural mane without inhibitions will make you stand out.The curly girl community is a very real sisterhood that is built on teaching and supporting one another.