Velvet & Edgy Comfort: Fall Fashion Trends Worth Checking Out

Fall fashion trends, velvet

We all have a soft spot in our hearts for fashion trends. Everyone, including me wants to be unique and have their own style, yet at the same time, be part of the fashion community. Fashion Week can be inspiring in many ways, the creativity of designers, whether you like the look or not, is mind blowing.  We can look to them for guidance, then make it our own.

Let’s check out some Fall Fashion trends we all can work with!

I love that you can make velvet casual but also glamorous.

One of my favorite looks from this season  from Fashion Week, and now in stores is velvet. I’m so excited this elegant fabric is making a comeback.It’s versatile and easy to wear. I love incorporating a little bit of velvet into a simple outfit. It adds a whole new dimension and really kicks up the richness of any look. I love that you can make velvet casual but also glamorous.

Velvet Fall Fashion Trends
Velvet: How to Wear It

One of my go to looks has been wearing a super simple outfit of  jeans, a simple tee, leather jacket, black booties, and top it all off with a velvet skinny scarf or choker. I love this look because it’s a little bit edgy but still super feminine. If you’re looking for a good quality and affordable velvet skinny scarf, my favorite one is from Halogen. It’s such a versatile piece that can be worn so many different ways. It’s also the perfect length. Forever21 actually has a great selection of velvet chokers right now, I’m a fan of the more simple style but to each her own! To get the haute velvet look, check out the looks for less below:

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    Velvet Cami Dress, Forever21 $20.99

Key selling point of culottes, aside from super cute, is how comfortable they are.

Another Fall Fashion trend that I have been loving recently is culottes. These haven’t been on the edge of fashion for decades. Until a few months ago I had never really seen these in stores or on the runway consistently. Now they are popping up everywhere. First glance, they may not be your favorite, but give them a chance. As I’ve grown to be more creative and innovative when it comes to fashion, I am seeing how much potential this style really has.

Culottes: How to wear them

I love culottes because they are so easy to style. Just like velvet, you can really dress them up or down. Pair them with some simple loafers, or even just a plain white pair of sneakers and you have a great outfit.

Culottes Fall Fashion Trends

I also love throwing on a leather jacket when I wear culottes, it adds a fun and grungy vibe to the outfit. Key selling point, aside from super cute is how comfortable they are. Because they are so loose, and flowy, they make it feel like you’re wearing pajamas, can’t beat that. I’m excited to see more companies experiment with this style of pant, I think it’s a classic that anyone can pull off. Here are a few of my personal favorite pairs of culottes:

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    Satin Drawstring Culottes, Forever21 $17.90

The great thing about these two Fall fashion trends is that they are as versatile as each of us. We have the ability to make the look unique to our personal style, but still feel on the edge of what is creative, new and trending. That’s the beauty of fashion!