Transitioning From Fall to Winter to Holiday Trends? Here’s What’s Hot.

No matter where you live, you can get your Holiday look on point.

It seems like 2017 just started, and it’s crazy to think that the holiday season is here, along with the advent of a new year. Holiday and winter dressing can be difficult due to cold temperatures and unpredictable weather.  Are you wondering what to wear to slay this season?  Here’s the scoop!


Scarves are always a big trend during the holiday season, but this year, they are more popular than ever!  This year’s scarves make major statements.  The trendiest ones come in plaid, either earth-tones or jewel-tones, and are quite large.

holiday trends

Another trendy scarf option this season is the knit infinity scarf. Scarves create virtually infinite styling possibilities.  However, one of the best ways to wear one of these stylish accessories is to layer it under a jacket.  This will also account for the harsh cold the holiday season brings us. Another idea is to wear a simple sweater under your scarf.  This lets the scarf take center stage and allows for the easy addition of other accessories, such as bracelets or watches.

holiday trends

Scarves compliment tall boots quite well, as well as long layering socks and beanie hats.  These three components can add to a gorgeous holiday look when put together.  For a more formal setting, wearing a medium-length dress in a color that compliments the scarf makes for a fun, festive look.

Some of the best places to buy scarves are listed below:

  • Target: a variety of large plaid scarves
  • Francesca’s: every scarf possibly imaginable
  • Lulu’s: formal scarves in gorgeous colors
Layering Socks

holiday trends

Layering socks are long socks that can be seen when worn with boots.  They often come in interesting textures, with beautiful details, or in gorgeous colors.  Layering socks look adorable when worn with tall boots, or they can be worn with shearling boots for a casual, cozy look.  To bring attention to the socks, leggings or skinny jeans are the optimal bottoms to wear.  However, wearing tall boots with layering socks and a holiday dress creates a festive formal look.

Another great alternative to layering socks are legwarmers.  The word “legwarmer” might conjure images of 80s fashion, but modern versions are fashionable and chic.  Today’s styles can create the same effect as wearing layering socks.  These new legwarmers peek out above tall boots to create a faux-sock look.  The best legwarmers even have kit or lace detailing.

Some of the best places to buy layering socks or legwarmers are:

  • Francesca’s: offers many chic legwarmers
  • Nike: the best place for sporty-looking layering socks
Combat Boots

holiday trends

Combat boots aren’t only for utilitarian chic looks anymore.  Now, there are endless ways to wear this style, especially during the holidays.  Combat boots can be found in almost any variety you can think of, from grey and black to bright pink or floral prints.  Some even have small heels to add a chic detail.

Combat boots can be worn with jeans for a cute, cozy look, and adding layering socks can enhance that look.  Wearing combat boots with tights and a dress or skirt is a great look for a more formal setting if you want to add unexpected dimension to an outfit.  These shoes can greatly enhance an army-style jacket with almost any bottoms.

Some of the best places to buy combat boots are:

  • Target: has the best selection of mid-price combat boots of anywhere I’ve seen
  • Francesca’s: for uniquely detailed combat boots
  • Lulu’s: sells statement combat boots
  • Aldo: offers chic, trendy styles
  • Zaful: boots have interesting and unique textures
  • Fred Meyer’s: has a surprisingly large selection of combat boots

holiday trends

One of the most surprising trends of this season has a bohemian flair.  This season’s best tops have shoulder cutouts or no shoulders at all.  This trend is surprisingly wearable and can work with almost any body type.  Off-the-shoulder or cold-shoulder tops can have almost any size and shape of shoulder cutout or level of off-shoulder slide, so there is an option for everyone.  These tops look adorable with jeans and boots and even when paired with one of the trends previously mentioned.

Another option for this trend is the off-the-shoulder dress.  These dresses are fun and festive and are especially seasonally appealing in rich holiday colors.  It’s easy to find a dress like this in deep cranberry, plum, or a Christmasy green.  Pairing and off-the-shoulder dress or top with glitzy jewelry is another way to add festivity.  Gold or silver statement necklaces create an especially appropriate formal look.

Some of the best places to purchase items from this trend are:

  • Target: has ANY off-the-shoulder style you can think of
  • Francesca’s: sells cute holiday-colored pieces
  • Lulu’s: offers a wide selection of dresses
  • Show Me Your Mumu: off-the-shoulder with a traditional bohemian flair
  • Fred Meyer’s: has a variety of options with shoulder cutouts
Over-the-Knee Boots

holiday trends

Last but not least for this holiday season are over-the-knee boots.  This trend may seem crazy or hard to wear, but in reality, it is surprisingly simple to style.  These boots come in all varieties of gorgeous finishes, from velvet to sparkles, and can be heeled or flat depending on preference.  Over-the-knee boots create an elegant shape on any body type and add unexpected flair to any outfit.

Over-the-knee boots look chic when worn with jeans, or they can be worn with a dress or skirt for an elegant formal look.  A comfortable sweater pairs adorably with these boots and jeans, and a skater dress allows for the style of the boots to be best displayed.  For a particularly flattering look, try wearing these shoes with a form-fitting bodycon dress.

The best places to buy over-the-knee boots are:

  • Francesca’s: sells classy-looking, non-accessorized styles
  • Lulu’s: offers any type of over-the-knee boot imaginable
  • Aldo: has high-end, expensive-looking boots

With these trends, you will look amazing at every occasion this holiday season!








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