What to Wear When the Rain, Rain Won’t Go Away

Rainwear boots and umbrella

Rain, rain, go away, come again another day! When your singing doesn’t seem to faze the clouds, don’t let it get you down. The fall and winter months are definitely some of the wettest, which can be frustrating when trying to pick out something trendy to wear. Whether it’s work, school, or running errands, life feels a bit more manageable when your rainwear is something that you feel cute in.

Wearing your favorite flats or your leather jacket might not be the best way to go. When the weather is in a constant downpour, the worst thing you can do is wear open shoes that let the water in, or a coat that doesn’t provide protection from moisture. No one likes sitting inside, waiting for 3 hours in dampness until your clothes dry!

Here are a few tips for weather-proofing your style that will leave you comfortable, fashionable, and most importantly, dry!

Invest in a raincoat

Invest in a quality rain jacket that matches the palette of your wardrobe. If the majority of your closet consists of neutral colors, make sure that your rain jacket does too. That way, you’ll feel more inclined to toss it on when the weather calls for it. Conversely, if you enjoy colors, look for a single colored shell that won’t clash with patterns.

Rain Wear Jackets
Urban Outfitters BDG Reversible Raincoat – $99
American Eagle Light Puffer Jacket – $79.95
H&M Outdoor Jacket – $59.99

Keep those toes dry

Common sense. We’ve all experienced the nasty squeaking feeling of wet feet in shoes. So, let’s prevent a reoccurrence with some proper rain boots. And, as if you needed more convincing, rain boots are so stylish these days! Bye-bye, plain generic boots.

Rain Wear Boots

Hunter Boots – $140
Chooka ‘Classical Dot’ Rain Boot – $49.97
CL by Laundry Supernova Floral Rain Boot – $48

Banish damp hair with a hat

No matter your hair type, having damp hair just isn’t comfortable. Plus, if you’re like me, damp hair turns into frizzy hair, which turns into a giant poof. Luckily, I either wear a hat before venturing out in the rain, or I always have a spare beanie in my bag, just in case. Hats are super popular right now, but just try to avoid velvet ones if the weather is on the wetter side.

Rain Wear HatsForever21 Striped Slouchy Pom-Pom Beanie – $7.90
American Needle Twill Slouch Hat – $9.97
The North Face Shinsky Beanie– $30

These are just a few of my favorite ways to combat the rain. They are so easy, versatile, and the outfit combinations won’t run dry. Stay warm and dry in the coming months, ladies!