Find Inspiration by Making Your Instagram a Mood Board

Inspiration is right at your fingertips.

While we may be urged to put down our phones and escape the black hole that is Instagram, it’s hard to ignore the allure of the site. It’s a hub for artistry, bringing inspiration to our fingertips. We’re able to save beautiful photos to enjoy later. Instagram is basically your digital mood board if you use it right.

I obsessively save photos to my collection during my Instagram binges and I have no regrets. When I’m having a bad day, viewing my little collection makes it a little better. It’s my one stop shop for images that motivate and inspire me.

Whether you’re self-employed looking some inspiration for your next project or you just want to save that photo of Ariana Grande because of how amazing she looks, you need to be creating collections on Instagram.

Instagram will let you create little collections of whatever your little heart desires. If you hold down the icon that looks like a bookmark, Instagram will take you to a new window to create a new collection or save a picture to a collection you already have.

Traditionally in the age of social media, Pinterest would be our ideal spot to make mood boards. But there’s something aesthetically pleasing about the square grid Instagram offers you.

Some of my favorite pictures to save come from fashion sites like WhoWhatWear and makeup photos of looks I could probably never do justice if I tried them on myself.

If you need a little kickstart to get yours going, check out our winter board or the ones College Fashionista puts together. Overall though, what you put in your board is up to you. Unless you plan on sharing it with anyone else, this is all just for you.

We are all visual creatures. That’s just one of the many reasons why Instagram is so popular. But instead of just falling for its trap of mindless scrolling, maximize your use and create something special.

Happy mood boarding!


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